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Hello friends! And today, after more than a year after the first part, the company introduced a new Madfinger zombishutera Dead Trigger 2. Let's start with the background. Dead Trigger - is a zombie shooter. Offering us to fight in a closed area, against infected zombies who are willing to do anything to get rid of you. Dynamic gameplaya, powerful spec. effects are well-designed location - all that memorable for Dead Trigger.


Hello, friends! And today we'll look at the wonderful continuation Action Strategy Plants vs Zombie 2, all from the same studio EA Games. Yes, yes I know what you're thinking, it's football Fifa 4, now the strategy, it would seem the company should be one direction that it has developed as best as possible, but this is not the case, because EA is divided into several divisions and produce every project with its twist. Plants vs Zombie was no exception, so I suggest to go directly to the game.


We present you a fun and exciting MMORPG ever created! In the game you mozheste create their fundamentals otpravlyatsyav characters and fascinating world of the virtual spaces of the game Angry Heroes!


The game Carmageddon is an icon of racing to the bottom, created back in 1997, it almost immediately won the hearts of gamers around the world. Ever released and under the second part and analogues, but no one outdoes the original. And what do you think finally the developers of Stainless Games Ltd condescended to android and only on that today we can enjoy the classics on your phone or tablet!


Game Garfield Zombie Defense is a fun strategy game that is not only a classic Tower Defense, but turned himself hordes of zombies, as well as cat Garfield and all his friends. You have to defend the glorious Indiana, attacked the forces of evil.


Playing Into the Dead is a zombie again, but finally it was the same game, which was not created for entertainment, and to intimidate the user, everything is terrible and quite seriously. You survived, but how long you can keep your valuable life, when all around is only fog and zombies?


Game Zombie Run HD is the next runner, released under the banner of "have fun or die trying," I note that over 5 million people have tried the android and as they continue to live, apparently they all had fun! The idea of ​​the game is very simple - your hero zombies, who is hunted, all you have left - run!


Game Zombie Hell - Shooting Game is another shooting involving zombies and one of the survivors in this hell. The situation is unfolding quite simple - you survived and you have a gun, all that remains to do - take a position higher and shoot vermin, thirsty to eat your flesh.


Turn on your instincts and enjoy the touch shooter Zombonic, the plot of which you will encounter hordes of relentless undead. Shoot them and do not even think to stop, or they will quickly make short work with you, and the one piece of advice - turn around as often as possible!


Game Zombie Attack Protocol will allow you to become a military elite, which is destined to survive the zombie apocalypse at the expense of their honed skills of the shootings. Agree, this is a great zombie target is moving slowly in the shelter is not hidden, only minus one - they're everywhere!


CONTRACT KILLER ZOMBIES 2 is the logical continuation of the story of an assassin, superimposed on the zombie apocalypse. The game has already become a cult in some circles, is gaining momentum and do not even think to retreat, meet new graphics and new features!


9Heros Defence - you have many adventures and a variety of battles, where the main goal to save the population of the world. The evil professor has made almost all the people into zombies and monsters. The task of your hero to save the world from an evil genius in every way possible and do not give him an evil plan.

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