classic for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


This role-playing game for your android is so classic that there are not even a lot of colors, all in gray colors with rare splashes of something bright ... For real fans of the genre!


Humor is a specific thing and we hope that most players will understand humor in this case, because in this platformer for android our hero decided to find Jesus ... and this, as you know, is not easy!


A terrible classic, which seems to be about space, but in fact a typical arcade game for android in which you are waiting for monsters and other traps that you need to avoid or shoot, which is fun!


Creepy retro graphics on which it is difficult to make out at least something is compensated by an amazing plot and addictive gameplay in the best traditions of science fiction.


Another scroll-shooter for your android, which can be safely put on a par with the best in the genre, as it successfully combines classic motifs of the genre and modern technology for your convenience.


A classic platformer that will not bother your eyes with pixel graphics, while retaining some retro motifs, and an interesting story and addictive gameplay will go as a bonus.


Pixels, hardcore and crazy dynamics are what mobirix developers prepared in this classic scrolling shooter, which they revived straight from 1995, so who should dump a little "retro" on?


If you do not find fault with some of the fundamental points of this game, then it is very interesting, colorful and has a plot, despite the fact that this is an arcade about worms!


Immortal classic in the role of this novelty for android, the developers of which decided not to worry and did everything as before, but the players like it!


A novelty in the tactical RPG genre for android in which you will meet the classic pixel-art style and even the roguelike format, and also, this is a work from indie developers!


A super-cool classic that will affect not only the struggle between humans and robots, but also remind you of platformers and eight-bit voice acting, without which there is practically nothing to do!


The continuation of the classic Android game in which dungeons with monsters and treasures await you! Defeat the dark forces and save your world without forgetting to develop your character!

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