editing images for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Welcome regular application of hits from Google, it will come in handy for obradotki photos, so we'll see what good it has to offer!


Appendix Handy Photo is a photo editor and image that differs incredible creative component, it is designed for those who experience a true passion for this. There are no cold toolboxes strange features, and much like that, but anyway, it's almost a perfect choice if you want to adjust the picture or make it a little better.


Streamzoo program is designed for those who enjoy taking pictures and still loves to do it nicely, and do not hesitate to share these photos with friends and family. Shoot, process, and show off to your friends, they will all - envy and ask, "How did you do that? '.


UglyBooth program created to add to the world of portrait photography anarchy and chaos, because it makes the portraits .. terrible! Someone seems to have too beautiful? Not a problem! The program will correct this omission, fast and easier than you might think.


TouchRetouch program will help you to make your photos better and more beautiful, unlike many similar, here the developers offer something different. Now you can easily and naturally remove all unnecessary pictures from spoiling the landscape and just striking.


The program for editing photos and images Pixlr-o-matic allow you to add a unique retro effects to your pictures or other images available, making them vivid and memorable. Very convenient operation and user-friendly interface included!


With this application so easy to create a variety of collages from your photos. Photos are building on one of the proposed grid, changing its boundaries, size, scope.

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