tactics for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A fresh strategy that will address the evolution and confrontation of wildlife and human beings, so if you are ready to build high walls and defend yourself - download and proceed!


What about the next strategy about the apocalypse, the end of the world and the continued existence of mankind, when only force can explain something and place it in places ...


A new strategy, which with just one name might surprise many fans of this genre, because everyone knows what the original "Civilization" is, but everything is different ...


A new game in which you once again need to save humanity, destroying a huge number of zombies and other enemies that will stand in your way.


A new strategy that appeared less than a week ago and whose actions take place mostly on the water, so if you like ships - to you here!


The game, the main feature of which is the original approach, which we already encountered in the movies, but have not yet hit it in games, well, the time has come!


The new studio launched its first project, which became another strategy in the style of "fantasy" and all the ensuing consequences, about which we'll talk.


It would be logical to start a new year with a strategy, but not a development strategy in the future, and for a warm-up - the usual one that was pushed onto the mobile platform, we meet!


A new strategy for the android that is ready to immerse you in a world of constant battles and confrontation, and your opponents will be other players, as you like;)


A strategy that few people will be amazed at, but almost everyone will be able to draw into their beautiful and dynamic world, created by the familiar system.


Another game of the RTS format, the events of which the developers competently placed in one screen, without giving us the opportunity to checkout, leafing through a large map, everything is compact ...


A modern strategy, within which you will face powerful battles against various enemies, both real and managed by artificial intelligence!

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