tactics for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


An interesting strategy that will tell about the classic confrontation between the peoples living on the shores of the Nordic countries and the Vikings, who raided them, destroying everything around.


A fresh strategy for android, which was created according to the classic features of the genre, offering you to build, enrich and defend your kingdom, which is quite interesting and addictive.


A nice strategy for the android, which received a very classic design, not rich in animation. However, the game offers great and entertaining gameplay!


A card strategy for android, in which you will hunt for all kinds of monsters, and the layout of the cards will decide the outcome of the battle, so collect a collection and develop tactics!


The notorious developers of Riot Games, responsible for such a hit as League of Legends, have released a card strategy game that collects all the characters of the above-mentioned game, and why not?


In this action strategy, you have to take the role of a negative character, in particular, the devil who was awakened, not even knowing what consequences this could bring in the end!


"Watercolor" graphics and events of the Second World War will unfold on your android in this new strategy, which does not require a lot of system resources and has addictive gameplay!


An unusual strategy for the android in which soldiers are cats of all stripes, and you will have to fight against zombie cats, which is rather strange, but very positive and exciting in the end.


A novelty in the strategy genre for android, the format of which is similar to any game in the Clash of ... format, and what is happening will be based on confronting aliens trying to capture our world!


A new strategy for the Android in the style of Western, which involves not only the construction of the town, but also a lot of dialogue and, of course, a duel with bandits and other villains.


Turn-based gameplay, a large army, a collection of cards with magic spells - these are now strategies for android that you can get absolutely free and at any time.


Game from the famous corporation Atari, Inc. this is not an attempt to reanimate something old, this is a completely new project, which is a gangster strategy for your android! Check it out!

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