tactics for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Quite a popular strategy, which once escaped our attention, but surfaced today. I recommend to pay attention to it to all those who like the theme of the apocalypse and its consequences.


The strategy for android in which you will be asked to take control of a small squad and fight with other players around the world, so let's get started!


If you think about it, a huge number of games that are available for android is one way or another clones of a project, someone is going far, and someone is not even trying, as in this case!


Continuation of a rather interesting, but not the most popular strategy, the plot of which we will fight with a very dangerous opponent - with mushrooms! Are you ready to fight?


Funny games created for online battles of players continue to grab ratings, and games with the prefix "io" are one of the leaders, so, catch another representative;)


So we got to the point that the world-famous Stickman now became a member of the strategy for your android! Let's see what new and interesting this character will be able to give us!


Seeing another game with drawing in the style of "Silhouette" I almost upset, however, too early! The game was quite interesting, and most importantly, in a strange genre!


I do not know about you, but I was frankly afraid of so many repetitive strategies that have recently received another competitor, which we'll talk today ...


Fresh and well-prepared strategy from the world of "tower defense", which will allow you to be on the other side of the barricades, attacking defensive positions of the enemy!


Format strategy, which has already become accustomed to the android added a new game, which many seem already past stage, but as an alternative - an excellent and high-quality option!


And here again the strategy, which will ask you to go to China ... Subject may not be the most popular, however, military operations there were so many, join us;)


A new game for Android in which you will be offered again become God and carry out his players through thousands of years of fighting for the right to dominate your behalf!

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