3d for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Hi all my friends! Today we look at an interesting person shooter 1: Deus Ex: The Fall. First, a little talk about the history and how it came to mobile platforms. So Deus Ex series of games was originally only available on consoles and PC, the summer of 2013, developers have shown the first trailer series The fall, the exhibition E3. Game shocked everyone and earned a huge number of awards, all on the same eponymous exhibition games.


The game Battle Bears Gold is an unforgettable fun on your android, the previous part of which has already acquired 25 million fans from around the world. In this part you will find a lot of new, original adventure and more of a positive and enjoyable moments on which developers are tried.


Fast and fun await you at the race game Car Race, where you have to beat your opponents in one of the most fair and exciting competition - drag racing! Tune up your car on the same wavelength with his flair vtopite gas pedal and shift gears everything else - good luck and good fortune!


Game Pocket Trucks is a new word in physics for android races, giving you the opportunity to have fun with new toys ;) You will find many routes, where the main task - to find the shortest path, showing the best time or ahead of the other racers, anyway, it's great fun!


Battle Of The Saints I is the first part of the game, made ​​in 3D role-playing genre, which already guarantees some attention to his person, but there are some other issues that have not noticed that it is simply impossible. For a start it's the classic gameplay, thanks to which you will get a feeling that you're playing in something old and familiar with one hand, but new and interesting on the other.


Game Race Illegal: High Speed ​​3D is not just a race, it's a peculiar smell of burning rubber, soft leather steering sensation on your hands, a nice roar of engines and the roar of the turbines, the noise of the crowd and the crazy experience of night racing, is now available on your android!


Game Ambulance Rush is your opportunity to save the lives of people affected by these or other situations as quickly as possible taking them to the hospital. You - the driver of the ambulance, which is to drive as fast as possible until the victim has not lost too much blood and died in your car.


The game Arma Tactics THD came to us from the PC world, where it has already become common and a lot of interesting modifications due to a combination of genres such as action, shooter and a classic strategy. I hope that for the owners of Androids this project will develop further and take many hours of beautiful gameplay, bringing the classics of the genre and impeccable quality to the masses.


Step into the world of speed and adrenaline with the game 6 Fast Furious The Game, which is the official content, released just a few days before the official premiere of the sixth part of an action movie of the same name, which we will be able to contemplate at the cinemas. Start Your Engines! ;)


Game LEGO ® STAR WARS ™ is a scion of the famous official of the manufacturer of the best designers of Lego and the famous space saga - Star Wars. Star Wars began to conquer not only the theatrical distribution, but also the gaming industry and android in particular, and with good cooperation publishers will only benefit them.


Zombie Derby is a game for real men who love both the pattern of three things - weapons, powerful cars and hunt! Even when the planet understood the zombie virus that will not change, just becomes more legalized, it is useful to society and more dangerous, but who will stop?


May is full of new products from major manufacturers, therefore, meet its version of the adventures of the dungeons of GAMEVIL Inc., Game Dark Avenger! Get down to the dungeon and beat his immortality in a huge number of fights, going through all the circles of hell and out alive and rich.

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