shooting for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The game in which once again the developers have combined two such familiar concepts to us as zombies and the wild west, on which they somehow turned out ....


The game, the classics in which a little more than usual, so that it can immediately be described as the very thing that all fans of retro games and hardcore antics were looking for.


When someone says about a scrolling shooter, the image of a spaceship or at least an airplane arises immediately, but what if you make a scrolling shooter with cars? The answer is in this game!


Pixel Arcade, who correctly identify the shooting range, where you have to resist intact Armata tanks intent to destroy you will be able to survive in this battle?


Here is a new generation of scrolling shooter! Not that it looks amazing, not at all, but the gameplay it has a completely new and unusual, do not miss!


New role-playing game that will push us back to the consequences of an unknown virus, was plunged into chaos the whole planet, but there are no zombies, there is a mutant!


The unrestrained and dynamic action game for android that will offer you to join the squad of mercenaries, which demolish everything in its path, not stopping even for a smoke, are you ready?


An unusual game in the reaction, which prompts you to take part in the legacy version of the resolution of disputes - a duel! Be quick, be well-aimed and will be able to survive;)


Who wants meat? And I'm not talking about the steaks at the restaurant, but about the game meat, which allows us to relax after a hard day's work or just for fun ...


Classics, namely, a new scrolling shooter, that's what this game is! But what may be new in this hackneyed genre for years? I propose to try to find at least something ...


New shooter from the developers of LoadComplete, with whom we have already encountered and whose projects often have their own special charm and style, see what they offer at this time!


Simple arcade continue settling the Android platform, so here's one of them, which is made in a very interesting design - format notebook sheet.

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