Online for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A copy of Fortnite is from Hong Kong. On the one hand, this project will not surprise you much, but on the other, it is a multiplayer online shooter for android with good graphics, physics and addictive gameplay!


Novelty for android, in which the popular format "moba" has found a new implementation. Here you will be offered an arena that allows battle 10 players at once, 5 in each team, ready?


The classic game "Mafia" has successfully moved to the online format, which is certainly true during the quarantine, which continues in many countries, so go ahead and calculate the mafia!


Over the past year, the bar for the shooter genre on android has been raised very high, which means that any new project that claims to be very popular should surprise, and this is one of those!


A funny online platformer that will offer you as part of a team of real players to join the battle in the kitchen, and all the characters of the unfolding events - this or that food!


An amazing adventure in which you are waiting for travel, cities, various characters, interesting events and even airships, and most importantly here - money and fame, as usual ...;)


More than 10 million downloads of the first part could not pass by the owners of androids, so, here is the second part of an online shooter, which has become even a little better and more popular!


Football for android, which was simplified a bit and brought online, which, due to its rapidly growing popularity, turned out to be a great idea, which we propose to draw your attention to.


It is clear and we can say that it is a very typical online shooter for your android, which differs from its competitors in the fact that actions will unfold in the future, with all the consequences.


Fresh, which means a cool online shooter from for your android! And what will happen next you already understand, because now in this genre on mobile platforms the peak of activity!


The online fighting game, made in the classical style, by itself, not ready to compete with the best in the genre, but quite capable of delaying due to the excitement of battles with real players.


An unusual horror movie in the “escape” format, the main oddity is your opponent, in the role of which there will be a terrible pensioner, ready to even kill ... good luck, what else can I say!

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