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Games about snipers have long taken their special place in the gaming industry, our beloved android was no exception, so you can safely count on new products such as this one.


While most of the developers have left the genres with clear leaders and come up with something new for the android, some are trying to revive the already classic GTA a decade ago.


Action platformers continue to appear steadily on the android, and most importantly - they are slowly but surely developing, for example, in this case we have physics and dynamics!


A new sandbox, which all fans of Minecraft and modern technologies will love, without which there could not have done. Technology - Augmented Reality on Android!


The long-awaited new product in the MMORPG genre for the android, which can be called the most discussed today, of course, we could not pass by and we have bad news ...


Deep space, dark music, the ability to play on a local network, the confrontation of up to 10 players ... it all sounds pretty big and promising, and we'll see if this is so!


Tanks do not happen much, especially if they are tanks for android, which will be discussed in this game. Immediately it should be said that this is not a competitor of WoT or analogs, just an alternative version of a tank battle ...


The new royal battle for android in which you will be offered a third-person view and rather typical rules with some nuances, so we will consider it as another alternative.


The positive desert races, which follow the principles of the flag capture format, will be very popular with all players who appreciate excitement, dynamics and pvp-battles on their android, which is offered here.


The royal battle today will surprise few people, especially when the best representatives of the genre have long been determined, but there is an important feature, most of them are available for PC ...


The royal battle for the android in which the main role will be taken by tanks, as well, the usual situation is opponents, diminishing locations and other interesting features.


Announced last year, an arcade for your android with the participation of the so-called "mechs" - large combat robots, finally got to free access, then we picked it up.

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