Shooting for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A little more zombie will not harm anyone, so, here's another zombie shooter in which you can freely move through narrow corridors destroying monsters, let's go!


Continuing the theme of zombies, we are increasingly convinced that these games are themselves a virus, they continue to appear and fill Google Play! Here's to you another shooter about the zombies that caught us.


As we already wrote earlier, this summer became familiar for the genre of zombie games, because we found another representative who seemed interesting to us!


If you like to shoot zombies, then this game is exactly what you need and maybe, just what you were looking for, because there is a zombie and the ability to shoot!


Shooter about the zombie, which has a rating of 16+ and a pretty pathos name, it all intrigues, does not it? Nevertheless, we decided to figure out what is really waiting for us!


A very fresh shooter, within which you have to take part in a variety of combat actions, showing your valor, courage and of course accuracy!


A new shooting gallery in the literal and figurative sense of the word, which will bring us back to the past, when such games were even on 8-bit consoles and in gaming devices!


Shooter today, no one surprises, even on the android, however, as always there is one "but", because a quality shooter can be surprising, as in our case and happened.


Periodically, there are games that definitely deserve attention, although they do not justify expectations, let expectations and a little too high.


A new platformer for an android that does not look like new, because this is another variation on the theme "retro", in which you will fight with the aliens!


Another game about the sniper, who was in an isolated world and ready to perform another set of tasks, and you will help him in this!


A kind of shooter for android, which appeared at the end of last year and at the moment has already managed to gather a fairly large audience, we will connect.

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