Shooting for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


If you are fed up with typical sniper games, we suggest you laugh while watching what kind of masterpiece the next developers have prepared for us this year ...


Action by action, but when non-commercial projects come across you need to help them advance, so tell our holy duty about this game, by the way, it’s about star wars;)


More and more projects lately run into classic motifs, so this shooter was no exception, inviting us to recall the 90s when something like this appeared ...


Skroll shooters are an eternal genre that has been and will be produced at all times, so keep the next sequel of a very popular representative of the genre.


The new shooting gallery, which, despite its format, offers a bit of movement, which is already good, but at stake, as usual, not a lot is not enough - saving the world, are you ready to join in?


An interesting mix of zombie shooter with hints on the plot of the movie "Saw", so if you are interested in both, be sure to check out this game, you should like it.


A new stage in the development of space shooters, which are rather poorly represented on the android, but this game will become an outlet for fans of space and everything connected with it.


As we have already suggested, games about zombies and other monsters before Halloween will be released more than usual, here’s another attempt to make a shooter ...


The closer to Halloween, the more frightening games come out and here's another dynamic zombie walker in which you have to fight back from these creatures.


A new shooter, which is again about zombies and here is happiness, here you can move on your own, so, before you is not some regular shooting range, but a full-fledged walker!


The fourth part of the game about the adventures of a sniper, which received a high age rating, is only 17+, which means that a lot of blood is waiting for us;)


A novelty among classic sniper games for android, which plans to become quite popular because it is similar to hundreds of others ... and why not?

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