Shooting for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Voxel shooters have long been declining in popularity and relevance among the audience, but its number is enough for new projects for android to appear, one of which is before you.


And again, the robots rebelled, and you are waiting for new adventures on your android, which will occur on a spaceship that has been attacked by those same robots, can you cope?


Nothing new in the format of a zombie shooter for fans of the genre for a long time was not, as in this new product, which walked through the classics of the genre, however, this is not a shooting gallery, and this is something, do not you think so?


For those players who still have a little zombie games, a novelty has arrived in which you can do your favorite thing - the destruction of monsters in any of their manifestations.


A new android shooter on a rather old theme, which refers us to the game Minecraft and its cubic graphics, which of course can hardly be called modern, but the action will not be less.


A novelty among zombie shooters, the actions of which unfold in a city with a characteristic name, where a meteorite fell with a virus, which infected most of the population, which will now have to fight ...


Space, the vast expanses of space, your hero is locked on a spaceship that is filled with monsters and other not the most pleasant elements, what happened here? Your hero does not remember anything ...


One name of the game is already confusing, our editorial board even read it as Medal of Honor ... then they only noticed that the name is still different, but the essence of what is happening is not that strong ...


If you like shooters for android, and you have not had time to get bored with zombies, then this game will be very useful, because there is an opportunity to shoot and zombies, in which you need to shoot ...


Dynamics, shootouts and positive sounds great, especially in the format of an online shooter for an android, and if you add an unusual mechanic here, it becomes much more interesting.


A very flat shooter in all respects for your android is exactly what you were looking for? If yes, we recommend reading about this novelty, where your hero will be a banana with a gun ...


If you saw the letter “Z”, it means that you already understood what is being discussed today, and from ourselves we will only add that it will be a question of a sniper case, the rest is not that important.

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