Logic for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Are there any casual puzzles? As practice showed - yes, there are one of these, we recommend that you pay attention, especially if you were looking for something for the whole family.


Games in the format of "escape" with the search for items are still relevant, so that, for you, there is an excellent option that will allow you to have a good time at the weekend.


A new round of a series of terrible games for android in which you have to escape from the city of ghosts, unraveling all its secrets and mystical riddles, not forgetting about the search for objects.


An interesting logical game in which the developers laid the basic principles of the genre and a bit of action, while doing everything beautifully and stylishly!


The genre of "searching for objects" is very common, he found a special popularity on the android, and this is his magnificent representative with one important feature!


Games from the format of "search for items" continue to sit on the spot, extremely rarely coming up with at least something new that can push the genre, here's one of these plots.


This is another representative of the genre of puzzles, which one way or another, can be called a modern representative of the genre, due to a number of factors, which we will tell about.


This game is for those who love and respect the origins of the game industry, especially the peak of their development in the format of 32- bit consoles, which made a fairy tale a lot of lives;)


An unusual, high-quality and as a consequence very interesting puzzle in which you have to deal with bombs ... at the same time, there is not even a hint of military action!


A fresh puzzle for those who like to strain their brains, but not so much, since the complexity of this can be put about in the middle of the golden;)


Have you ever looked at the world of the Wild West in the context of a puzzle? I think not, so, here's an interesting game in which the developers were able to implement it!


A new game, which probably does not have analogs, but nevertheless, it's kind of like a puzzle of the stealth format, which will tell you from the part about the world of street art!

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