notes for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Calendar, event log, notes, reminders ... it all sounds pretty boring and difficult this surprise anyone, but still convenient when it is in one app!


An increasing number of applications that are diaries, notes, and the like, anything to let you simplify your workflow and not to forget anything, here's one of them.


Springpad app helps you get the full order in their lives and just to sort through all that you can be interested. Clean up your act, you are sure to get inspiration and be able to do more than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today!


IQTELL program is a powerful tool that will allow you to bring your organization and its internal regulations to a new level. Wherever you are, with or without the internet, all your information will be near you and get access to it, you can quickly and easily!


Notes Catch Notes are specially designed so that you never miss an idea and can always quickly and easily put it down. Besides the fact that you can now write everything down, and you'll be able to share your thoughts with your friends, colleagues, or open them with another device, when you decide to implement its plans.


The program ClipNote - Clipboard Monitor is different in that it actively works with all the information that falls into the buffer of your android that provides very fast access to the information available. So you can make very quick notes, using the lovely and very simple interface.


QuickMemo application is simple notes are very comfortable and allow you to make your recordings quickly and easily. There are no superfluous and unnecessary features, no confusing features and other tricks, there is only the possibility to leave a note and everything, but unless you need something else?


Google Keep app will allow you to quickly capture your thoughts and bring them into the notes, not to forget, and then wrestle. Quickly record, it is easy to remember - this is the slogan of these notes, which can greatly improve your life today.


Handy Note Program is a kind of notebook, the main feature of which is that all the records have to do with his hands. The developers have taken into account all users' complaints on these programs and to write to you will be the most comfortable and convenient, the return of the 'pen' amazing.


The program BugMe! Stickies will be extremely useful to all those who love and enjoy your notes, using colored sticky paper. But the time has long passed papers and today analog thereof can be placed on your phone or tablet.

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