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We just mentioned that the runners began to take positions, as new projects appeared that deserve your attention, so we will gradually add them to the site.


Runners, though, are losing ground, but still remain a very, very popular genre, and if you add some more interesting markers to the game, it will be very cool, as happened in this case.


Many people dream of becoming a knight, but only in their senses they probably don’t want to be in the Middle Ages, especially if they promise you a deadly obstacle course.


The philosophical idea about the path of a warrior, the developers of this game could fit into a fairly smart and simple runner, but this is only at first glance, and what can you find there?


The famous cat Garfield got a new game, which this time turned out to be a runner, so get ready to collect coins and spend them on all sorts of goodies!


Atmospheric games have always attracted attention and definitely will not leave us in the coming years, and for those who missed the old days - we picked up this novelty.


Continuing or just an alternative look at one of the characters. Cartoon Network is a platform runner, where you have to collect coins and jump again.


It’s never too late to run a little, and when Halloween starts soon, then the main characters of running around should be special, as in this case, which we will tell about.


A classic in its purest form, this is exactly the way to call this runner for an android, which meets all the standards that have long been adopted and verified, so look.


Combining runner and minecraft is a pretty good idea and is not so often found on android, so let's see what we are offered in the next project on this topic.


The idea to recreate this or that classic game often ends with a positive, however, this time we got a rather controversial format, which we will tell about.


Violence against the franchise of Tom talking cat continues, and this time the developers decided to take a step back, not forward, introducing us a platform rider ...

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