run for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A novelty from world-famous ZeptoLab developers who decided to continue the franchise with Om Nom, this time making a regular runner ... Fresh idea or parasitism? Let's get it right.


Igrodely no longer know anything new to come up with and surprise the owners of the android, so here's a runner whose main character is bread! And not as round as a “bun,” but a special one for a toaster ...


The adventures of the red-haired fidget - Garfield's cat on the android continue and this time we are waiting for the next format of the race with his participation, and we will talk about all sorts of features below.


Raners, continuing to develop, offer for your android this time a rather unusual gameplay that is very closely connected with the sea, so if this is yours, it is imperative to familiarize yourself.


Neon, running, and very strange formations hinting at the distant future - this is what awaits you in this runner for android, and yet, you can well train your reflexes and attentiveness!


The second game today for developers from Rogue Games, Inc., which this time offered a story with a more classic story about a knight and a girl that he needs to save from all dangers!


Many have already forgotten about Charlie's Angels, but the world premiere of the restart will take place on November 1, but for now you can test your strength in the Android run game with the characters of the future movie!


Platform, runner, parkour and competition - all this was combined in one game, which can hardly be called at least one of the above ... Nevertheless, you yourself will figure it out;)


Slightly inhibited, slightly strange, but still your favorite runner about zombies, which, we admit, have not been for a long time! One way or another, this is your chance to warm up again;)


We just mentioned that the runners began to take positions, as new projects appeared that deserve your attention, so we will gradually add them to the site.


Runners, though, are losing ground, but still remain a very, very popular genre, and if you add some more interesting markers to the game, it will be very cool, as happened in this case.


Many people dream of becoming a knight, but only in their senses they probably don’t want to be in the Middle Ages, especially if they promise you a deadly obstacle course.

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