run for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


It’s never too late to run a little, and when Halloween starts soon, then the main characters of running around should be special, as in this case, which we will tell about.


A classic in its purest form, this is exactly the way to call this runner for an android, which meets all the standards that have long been adopted and verified, so look.


Combining runner and minecraft is a pretty good idea and is not so often found on android, so let's see what we are offered in the next project on this topic.


The idea to recreate this or that classic game often ends with a positive, however, this time we got a rather controversial format, which we will tell about.


Violence against the franchise of Tom talking cat continues, and this time the developers decided to take a step back, not forward, introducing us a platform rider ...


Continuation of the previously popular game is always an event that, unfortunately, does not always become a real joy for the fans, as it turned out this time we will check.


To date, many developers have long revised the concept of classic wounds, however, is this right? Let's look at this example.


A new arcade from the developers of Ketchapp, who recently managed to release not the most cool projects, unlike the previous ones, but apparently they corrected;)


When I saw something like a typical rider, where the protagonist is a chainsaw with legs, while the game has an age limit, well, how could you not be interested?


An interesting game in which developers decided to mix the whole two popular and completely different directions, one of them - Tetris, the second - Parkour, can you imagine such a thing?


The new game, which took the intermediate place between the slasher and the rarer, plus, received an excellent visual design, so we recommend you to get acquainted!


A new panorama about the next battle of light and darkness, in which we will be on the side of the world and be saved, running away from all feet, from the coming darkness ...

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