zombie for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Agricultural industry game created for the true fans of the stalker, and other similar subjects. Tremble! Get ready for more abandoned places, new tasks and work, needless to new graphics, new energy and unique atmosphere of a radioactive environment.


Game Jane Wilde is rather unusual for us because we are quite used to the fact that the zombies are found and the Wild West, to what they need to massively shoot the more we are accustomed, especially if it's the sheriff. But what if the sheriff - a pretty blonde in a miniskirt?? This is beyond all limits of decency, but nevertheless, the zombies do not wait!


Game Zombie Invasion: Escape is another of the thriller with the living dead, the developers have already had experience with a zombie theme and created not one popular game. You have once again run into the apocalypse, which you need to put an end to what the active participation and you shall receive.


Game Zombie Frontier2: Survive the new generation of great tyranny, already had experience iuspeh naandroide, so that the next part of it has become much better iinteresnee. Smomenta when the first battle there was a lot of survivors who have run off in the Group ipodnimat wave of resistance against the chaos reigning around.


The touching story of the game Zombeo And Juliet is waiting for you, based on the original, long become a classic, rewritten for modern motif. Oddly enough, even here you are waiting for the zombies! But the story is as old as ... Romeo, Juliet, unrequited love and a lot of problems, and fun!


Zombie Derby is a game for real men who love both the pattern of three things - weapons, powerful cars and hunt! Even when the planet understood the zombie virus that will not change, just becomes more legalized, it is useful to society and more dangerous, but who will stop?


The game Save The Earth Monster Alien Shooter you again have to fend off the zombies, only this time they were stunned by so much that they decided to invade our planet from outer space! Destroy thousands of zombies, aliens and save the Earth from the death of another, driving charming super heroes.


Zombie HQ is the next mashing against the zombie survival in a city filled with terrifying monsters, which deals exclusively about life and death, the other not. All the bars are closed, the shops were empty at traffic lights no one is ... range of emptiness and a crowd of zombies violate this idyll.


The game House of the Dead Overkill: LR is a product of the famous publisher SEGA, which again will take you back to the world of zombies and chaos. Implemented this battle as a great shooting range, where you can play survival mode or pass campaign, one way or another you will find a sea of ​​fire and hordes of zombies.


Bounzy game is a very fun platformer featuring favorite all zombies. Probably because killing them is not as cruel and driven solely by instinct of survival, so dispose of them for his own pleasure, not forgetting to take care of their safety.


Hipster Zombies Game is a new comic game about zombies, where this time the virus has spread to vintage cafes and similar places where they like to crowd hipsters. Now all the zombie hipsters and threaten the lives of civilians, chasing them and trying to eat, it's time to fight back!


Zombie Duck Hunt game is a variation on the old game where you had to hunt for ducks, this game was even at Dendy! But modernity has made the amendments to the gameplay and what is happening, because ducks are not the same, it's zombie ducks are ready to settle into your android.

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