adventure for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


An amazing adventure in which you are waiting for travel, cities, various characters, interesting events and even airships, and most importantly here - money and fame, as usual ...;)


Adventure quest for android, the actions of which will unfold in a parallel world where you have to hide, collect resources and do everything possible with one goal - to survive!


What will happen if we combine the genre of automatic battles that is popular today and the classic quest? It will turn out to be a rather strange, but still very interesting game for your android. We look!


A sweet, pleasant and very calm meditative adventure arcade game that will allow you to go on a journey through many elaborate levels and encounter magic.


There is a place for fairy tales in the life of any person, especially he has the opportunity to install this adventure game, which is distributed absolutely free!


Another franchise fell victim to the “three in a row” format, which happened on our revered android ... As you can see, this time puzzle fans can join the Ben 10 Heroes team!


An interesting quest for the android in which you will be transported to Italy many years ago, in those terrible years when the word "plague" was relevant, and the disease itself claimed thousands of lives.


A classic Android adventure game with a first-person view that will send you to a desert island for survival, and it will not be as easy as you might think!


An interesting quest for the android in which you will play the role of a teenager who needs to get home as quickly as possible, so that his absence is not noticed by parents.


Another apocalypse, but you should not wait for typical zombies, this time we have a classic undead in the format of skeletons and the like, just the essence of what is happening does not change ...


If you like height and extreme, then you can like this arcade game for android! Here you will be offered ropes stretched between skyscrapers and a kind of competition ...


An interesting and very eccentric game, which can be safely called a simulator of an observer, a rare guest on an android, frankly! If interested, read on;)

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