adventure for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Strange concepts about simulators for android from modern developers, however, their game for android in which there are both gods and monsters they called a simulator ...


Postapocalypse often touches the theme of restoring life on earth, when the worst has already happened. In this pixel story, the scientist and his robot will take care of this!


Even misfortune can have good intentions. Girl-unhappiness is ready to pass any test, explore the most terrible places, to find happiness for mom. Will you help her?


Consoles are still superior to mobile platforms, but the gap is narrowing, slowly but surely, and this shooter with puzzle elements can be a bright proof of that, check it out!


Adventures and a puzzle in one person, but the hero is invariable here and in his role is an active squirrel who loves the sunlight very much, for which we will fight in various locations.


The game is made in the style and most importantly the ideas of the cyberpunk genre will suit all his fans, which is equally important, this genre is poorly represented on the android, so we have a kind of exclusive!


Your hero was in the attic of the parental home and no one can forbid him to be there, of course, there will be many mystical mysteries that you have to solve in the course of the story.


A novelty for an android that appeared thanks to another independent studio, which means that in this case, the developers tried to bring some idea and not try to destroy you;)


Once again we are offered to go on a journey where battles with the forces of evil await us, which we must win not with fire and sword, but with brains and combinations of balls ...


Fill a glass with drops of pure water in an arcade game for android, which is ready to hook even environmental problems, while offering you a rather positive and interesting gameplay.


It just so happened that the word “space” in this game does not mean that you will travel there, moreover, at the very beginning you will get a little stone age, a fire, Neanderthals ...


Quests and other puzzles have long been densely populated on our androids and continue to replenish their ranks with very interesting projects like this one, and we will consider it.

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