platformer for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Continuation of the platformer about the cat, which once again must carry out a rescue operation, by itself, not without your help, so join!


A new retro style scanner that will offer you first of all an atmospheric and very classy design, and to the heap there are also various difficulties on the way;)


Another retro platformer, which has become a little closer to such a concept as "hardcore", especially if you consider all the nuances that are definitely there ...


A new classic platformer, which was executed from pixels in the style of "retro" and equipped it with a pretty pretty character - a flying kitten! Forward, to adventure!


If you can not imagine your life without the classic games consisting of pixels, then here's an outlet, the most classic game created by fans of retro!


And what about without hardcore in the tape? Yes, in any way! So, catch a well-known arcade in specific circles, which will shake out all your nerves, if, of course, they still have some of the fans;)


A novelty in which we again have to get behind the wheel of trucks that look like monsters, without jokes! But this does not stop them from developing huge speeds and performing incredible tricks!


A little remade of the classics in the tape! We are again waiting for a rider, which this time turned out to be a full platform with nice characters and similar features.


Classics can be different - it's just that the principles catch on, and it's a cult, as in this case, because we have a remake of a great game from our own studio, what could be better?


The theme of zombies and seals was somehow raised on our site, however, now it has already reached a different, more bloody and cruel level, however strange it may sound!


No wonder that in modern platformers there are many more levels, but what do you say if you are offered a game in which their 4 billion?


Do you know a lot of paid platformers? Occasionally, such projects fly by, sometimes very high-quality ones, apparently, this is a similar case, let's see what we are offered!

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