shooter for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


One name of the game is already confusing, our editorial board even read it as Medal of Honor ... then they only noticed that the name is still different, but the essence of what is happening is not that strong ...


Action by action, but when non-commercial projects come across you need to help them advance, so tell our holy duty about this game, by the way, it’s about star wars;)


More and more projects lately run into classic motifs, so this shooter was no exception, inviting us to recall the 90s when something like this appeared ...


The situation, as in this case is typical, on the one hand, and on the other hand is unique in its own way, so we must tell about it, we hope it will be interesting.


A new shooter, which is again about zombies and here is happiness, here you can move on your own, so, before you is not some regular shooting range, but a full-fledged walker!


Fresh action, which is designed to take away part of the audience from the best projects in the genre of multiplayer online shooters, and this already becomes interesting, isn't it?


Another shooter in which you will survive on an unknown planet, packed with all kinds of monsters and aliens, the task - to kill them all and not suffer, you can?


The crazy mix of a fairly classic shooter format and roguelike format has borne fruit and they are in front of you, ready to take part in this madness?


A novelty among shooters on android, to which the new definition of TPS is attached, which we will also talk about, as well as about this game, by itself.


The theme of dinosaurs attracted many, especially in childhood, but the variant of war with them is suitable for those who are already able to use their android for the intended purpose;)


Interesting and most important dynamic online action for your android in which you will fight on the side of one of the teams of mercenaries, developing their skills.


A very fresh shooter, within which you have to take part in a variety of combat actions, showing your valor, courage and of course accuracy!

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