eReader for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


SmartQ Reader program designed to read PDF files on your Android, but it is something more than it seems. At least this unique program, you will not find, and start using questions will disappear.


TTRSS-Reader - RSS-Reader for the project Tiny Tiny RSS. What novogov this version


aText-TV - is the fastest mini-browser for browsing teletext pages.


GO Book - Newsroom developers to GO SMS and GO launcher EX. Help txt, epub, imports, according to search word read mode, the mechanical record keeping + beautiful custom design interfeysa.Knigohranilische on her hands comes straight out of here!


FBReaderJ - Program to read books based on the famous program FBReader for Linux-based devices. In fact, it is a clone FBReader, rewritten in Java.


Nimble and handy software for reading pdf format for Android


Moon + Reader-beautiful reader for android seffektom paging present our reader Moon + Reader. The application is able to read e-books in the Format fb2, TXT, HTML, Epub, UMD, which clearly can be written vplyusy. The interface is pretty easy and a beautiful. The main screen is a 3zakladki, My Files, Network, My regiment.


Aldiko - with this program you can read books on Android-device, look for them in different directories, and download to your smartphone. You can collect a whole library on the device, which will be always at hand. During the reading, you can quickly jump between chapters, make bookmarks, customize the program interface.


Laputa Book Reader - one of the best applications for reading books on screen Android-smartphone. Allows you to change the font and layout pages, create bookmarks automatically remembers the place where you left off.

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