Puzzle for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


What game can you make about the red hat? You can make adventures, you can shoot, you can have horrors, and we have a puzzle! But nothing, also suitable;)


Puzzle on the topic of sleepwalking, something we've already met, and quite in a different context and format, but this game will not be superfluous, so, take it for granted!


Continuation of the already familiar puzzle for two lovers, who again need your help in solving the situation, will help the couple?


An original puzzle from the developer with a very original approach, which you will appreciate, especially if you like games with "history", one way or another, we look!


A game created on the motives of the cartoon about the already famous big giant, who has a crystal soul - Shrek! However, this is "three in a row" and nothing more ...


A puzzle with the subject matter of which we have already encountered, but definitely will not refuse to do it again, because it will be about dice!


Continuation of the little-known adventure of a Mexican who likes to move around using balloons ... let's see what awaits us this time!


A new puzzle in a classic format that will invite you to participate in the life of a small cube named Marvin, who is trying to figure out his existence.


In fact, it was a matter of time, because the tendency to stuff favorite heroes into all genres in a row is irreversible, so they waited, the birds that are three in a row ...


A very kind game, which certainly gets out of the usual context, however, for all that it is pixelated, but it lacks hardcore, rather, on the contrary, it's about hugging!


Not that it worried much, but the topic with hipsters is increasingly taking over the android platform, because we even had a game about them ... it remains to be understood whether this is humor or serious.


A new puzzle, created by the already well-known principle of "spots", which formed the basis of the novelty, let's see what was interesting in the game, in addition to this.

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