Puzzle for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Beautiful, we would even say that an amazing puzzle in which you are waiting for a big worked world and the next situation in which mankind fell into the next situation ...


Not that the novelty, but also not the worst option for those who want to work their brains. A classic puzzle with numbers that does not need a presentation.


Lines and points, what could be easier? However, this is exactly the case when you have to think a lot, especially at high levels, because every next one is more difficult!


A new and even in some places a complex puzzle that will once again send us into a world of dreams and surrealism that is ready to envelop you with your head and shake your brains out!


The classic genre and original approach - that's what you can say about this game, which definitely will appeal to many, especially those who are tired of dynamics and hardcore!


A new puzzle that most likely you will like, at any rate, it definitely will not let you be bored, nor will you relax, because you have to think a lot!


This game is something average, between a puzzle and a typical arcade time-killer, the number of which has recently increased again.


A new puzzle in which you will work with numbers that are written on square blocks, and, as you understand from the title, you need to collect the numbers 20, but is it really that simple?


Another unusual puzzle that can please is that you are familiar with 3D drawing and other engineering topics related to projection, so it will be interesting!


This week is generous to puzzles, so, catch one more, very beautiful and unusual, which is surprising, but we have not met its analogs either.


A fresh and very original puzzle in which you have to disassemble designs that resemble a tetris game and at the same time do it as carefully as possible.


A new puzzle for your android in which you will be offered not only to make a fascinating walk to different places, but also to visit parallel worlds!

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