Race for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Fresh, casual and suitable for the whole family race appeared for your android! And yet, this is some opposite of the more famous Mario Kart project, which gives the project meaning!


Motocross for the android in which you are waiting for the roaring two-wheeled monsters, classic obstacles for this format of competition and lots of other interesting events!


Racing for android in which you will be drifting, as the name implies, but we will tell you about some features and excellent physics, we recommend reading;)


Racing and simulator all rolled into one, which may not be ready to boast of cool graphics, but will give a truly unique impression of driving a motorcycle on your android!


There are a lot of similar races on android, they combine both the audience’s interest in bicycles and the excellent physics that you can implement for this transport, so we recommend watching!


A very high-quality racing project for android, which after years of development has acquired an excellent paid version, which is sold at a rather low price, we recommend that you pay attention!


Classic rallies for your android in which you can not only satisfy your craving for such adventures, but also watch for damage to your race car!


A race for your android, the main thing in which is not speed, but rather physics, which you can feel against the background of controlling a variety of vehicles from a gyroscope to a bicycle.


From the name it’s easy to guess what the game will be about, so start your android, jump behind the wheel of a pumped off-road vehicle and go towards adventures and impassability!


And again, the race for our beloved android, which this time is already a more informed and interesting project, which is really worth paying attention to fans of the genre.


This winter, the developers staged a real battle for the title of the strangest and most backward race for android, and this is one of the competitors, but we, as usual, will try to find something good in it ...


A novelty in one of the most popular genres for android is racing, in which you will become a member of the community of street racers who arrange racing in a straight line on a variety of cars!

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