robots for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The continuation of an interesting game about battles of robots that fight in the arena for glory and prizes, and you must control this process, think over the style of battle and improvements that will lead you and the robot to victory!


A bit of classics in the tape, which reminded our administration of the old Bedlam game, which may be familiar to those who played games back in 1996, when there was no hint of android ...


Fruits, transforming robots and role-playing game, what do you ask? And the fact that all this is combined into one project, which we want to present to you. Of course, the target audience is children.


Announced last year, an arcade for your android with the participation of the so-called "mechs" - large combat robots, finally got to free access, then we picked it up.


In this action you will get the opportunity to take control of the robot and control it in a fighting game format, the subject is not the newest, but the implementation is original.


The Transformers franchise has long been losing both profits and fans, but this did not stop them before the release of a new film, and at the same time a game that plays the role of advertising.


Relatively recently, the subject of the battle of robots in the arena has become very relevant and received a corresponding reflection in the gaming industry, about this and the game.


And what if we take the usual format like "tanks", and instead of tanks launch robots there? Approximately as one of the developers once thought, and such games appeared ...


Another example of how developers can "parasitize" on extremely popular franchises, however, in this case it will be better to call a symbiosis!


A new role-playing game, released in the genre of "strategy" with clearly predominant elements of the role-playing game, offers us to go to the future and take part in the war of robots!


The strategy for your android which will fall under your command squad robots, which are destined to win their portion of the land on a distant planet!


The new arcade game for android, which developers have not stinted on even plot! We implemented a rather interesting design and is actively gaining popularity;)

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