photos for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


When someone else's self portraits or just broke the Internet, and you just can not make your own - in this case, and created this wonderful program, it will help to make all beautiful!


Appendix Clashot this is another opportunity to capitalize on one of your habits, to the present day which seemed quite useless - namely, the photo on the phone all that is happening around you. So read the description and learn how to make money on their own photographs taken on your phone!


Repix program is not just another photo editor for your android, it's a complete tool for realizing your creative needs of a wide spectrum. If you've ever dreamed of and turn any photo into a masterpiece - it's the same time, do not delay on this great opportunity!


Handy Album Pro program is designed for those who do not have professional skills in photography, but in spite of that wishes to create digital albums high. Available to you a unique art design and a lot of templates that let you in no time to do everything you need.


The program Photoshop Touch for phone is a welcome splash of the company Adobe, one of the leaders in its segment, and of course, many owners of sensor devices have been waiting a long time one of the best creations of the company - Photoshop! So this is your opportunity to discover a positive creative possibilities of using the phone or tablet!


Photoplay program is made ​​to all who love to handle your photos and share them with your friends on social networks. Also, the program allows you to keep track of the masterpieces of your friends, acquaintances and any registered person located near or anywhere else.


PhotoSuitcase program will allow you to sync all your photos from the web in one convenient and beautiful application that you can always carry with you. Program can connect to social services such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.


Snapseed program finally became available for the android users than it is notable? To begin with the fact that in 2011 and 2012 on the platform iOS it has received awards as the best application in the "Photo", then - more.


The program PanoStitch Panorama HD will help you gladly forget about many other analogs started to shoot panoramas, and with your cell phone, which itself from itself is interesting. An important feature of the program is to support the HD format that will make the pan crisper and brighter.


TouchRetouch program will help you to make your photos better and more beautiful, unlike many similar, here the developers offer something different. Now you can easily and naturally remove all unnecessary pictures from spoiling the landscape and just striking.


The program Noiseless Sol-e Camera Pro is an excellent tool Digital Spy and novice paparazzi. The extensive features of the application will allow you to not only capture a lot of counterfeit goods but also have fun is elementary.


Appendix WordCam is a special feature for your camera on an android, now every your shot will consist of .. Words! Very beautiful and original way of decorating the most common images you'll love, set and check for yourself!

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