Quests for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A novelty in the classic quest genre of the “item search” type, which is ready to introduce you to the next mystical events, which only your bright mind can unravel!


Minimalism in design, which can help with the search for solutions, but still carries away and allows you to look at what is happening a little differently - this is what awaits you in the new quest for android!


Amnesia, an unfamiliar location and someone who wants the death of your character ... a familiar plot, right? In any case, this is an interesting quest with horror elements for your android.


A strange quest in which your hero is a developer who tries to escape, in the literal sense of the word, but the evil leadership constantly catches him and puts him back ... the worst nightmare, to be honest!


Quest, horror and puzzle all rolled into one! The worst thing is that your hero is locked in the library, however, it turned out to be much more interesting here, so you can safely go on this adventure!


The continuation of a series of quests for your android from the developer Artifex Mundi, which fans of the genre must have known for a long time. Anyway, here is the familiar mechanics and a new plot!


For some, this game became a "parasite" on the well-known franchise, and for some, the missing brick in a beautiful story told a little earlier ...


If you like classic horrors (classic for android), then you will definitely like this game, because here an evil boy who has arrived from the underworld will act as an opponent!


If you are not so interested in jailbreak or strange mansions - in this Android game you will be asked to escape from a dangerous and very entertaining laboratory, can you handle it?


There is a place for fairy tales in the life of any person, especially he has the opportunity to install this adventure game, which is distributed absolutely free!


A mix of a card strategy and a text quest for android in which you embark on an exciting journey in a fantasy world full of dangers and adventures!


The ice cream truck is a classic for a number of horror films, but this time this idea also migrated to an android in a quest format with elements of the same horror movie, will you figure it out?

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