Quests for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Already the second horror game this week, but it is very helpful to strengthen your nerves, especially when it can be done for free, and even on your android, so fans of the genre - read on;)


Darkness, darkness, eerie atmosphere and canonical voice, which sneaks to the bone, especially if you use headphones - this is a good recipe for a typical horror on an android!


A typical representative of the “hidden objects” genre, in which a rather interesting story, mysticism, magic and other integral elements of the genre have been added, we recommend to take a look!


Postapocalypse often touches the theme of restoring life on earth, when the worst has already happened. In this pixel story, the scientist and his robot will take care of this!


For those who played in the last part of the revelation, this game will not, moreover, they have already passed it, because with the review we are clearly late, but for the rest - we do not recommend skipping the continuation of the masterpiece!


Even misfortune can have good intentions. Girl-unhappiness is ready to pass any test, explore the most terrible places, to find happiness for mom. Will you help her?


Today's novelty is an adventure quest for finding objects, or rather an element from a museum exhibition. He will disappear for a long time in a parallel world with an ancient civilization.


A detective investigation that literally oozes with mystery and other horrors, but it was combined with an interesting plot and even a search for objects, which is very relevant in the framework of the genre today.


And one more novelty among role-playing games, which, in turn, should interest already more advanced players who are aware of the formation of the genre, so the real classics became the origins of the game!


Another detective story, which is made in the style of a graphic novel, will delight all fans of a good storyline, and the excellent dubbing forces you to use headphones;)


The game of horror for survival, here's how to call this project, if you follow the statements of its developers. However, no one will deny that we have something dark in retro style!


Typical for its genre game in the "hidden object" format will offer you an unforgettable adventure, because your character is teleported to another planet, and this is not a joke ...

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