aircraft for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


When it comes to airplanes, then most often everyone thinks about a simulator or a scrolling shooter, however, in this case it will be about a role-playing game!


A new game about war and airplanes, which was again declared a simulator ... Unfortunately, it is very far from the simulator, but why - we will tell!


Quite a lot of good simulators have appeared recently, so do not be surprised that we found another, very decent and very interesting!


A new summer game, which is declared as a simulator and really reminds it, which has become a rarity in recent times, so that the game is worth paying attention to it.


Sometimes in an attempt to create something strange, the developers are still getting something good, as in this case, and yet, we have not had scrolling shooters for a long time!


A new arcade, which is hard to call a new one, as we've already seen something like this, and some even more than once, so let's see how the developers could stand out now.


A competent and quite interesting simulator that will make you feel like a dispatcher at the airport, and here everything is as close to reality as possible!


To the battle on the tanks all have already got used, so that the most advanced are bursting into the sky, which this game offers, which is very handy, and there are not many such on the androde;)


Paints, explosions, flights and a lot of enemies - that's what we can say about the new scrolling shooter, which we offer on android one famous studio, check how things are here;)


A game that, according to the developers, will suit everyone and everyone, adults and children, boys and girls ... and yet it's about planes, let's see what we are offered!


Primitive arcade game, which copies the more popular project ... this happens often, try to understand, maybe there appeared something new and interesting?


The most sophisticated simulators, in my opinion, this aircraft simulator, because they really difficult to manage, if you're interested - try your luck in the latest version!

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