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For a long time, there were no useful applications on our site, some games and games, but it was time to work, so we decided to review the best email client, and not only we think so!


A new application that will be useful to all those who are not only concerned about their security in the network, but also prefer to feel the network freedom, without any restrictions.


So we got to the messenger from the famous Facebook developer, who is once again ready to offer us some new content and new features, how useful will it be?


A new version of the application of one of the most popular social networks in the world ... Which, by the way, may not be familiar to many, and this is what we will try to fix!


Another messenger? Yes, that's right. Of course, with the next set of some functions that someone needs, someone is needed, and some are completely useless ...


And today a little corporate, and to be more precise, it's the history of the browser, which appeared not just and literally at every step is ready to tell you about it and poke a finger.


Browsers for mobile platforms becomes more and more, I have a feeling that even more of them than the PC, so that developers need to compete with the most?


Strange but true, the Google Corporation has rolled out a new application and this messenger ... Innovation is difficult to call at least, but I'm sure there is in this, and something good.


This application is designed for artists and anyone who likes to draw and drawings, however, it appeared only as a marketing product is a well-known company ...


This application is an alternative client for the Twitter service, a customer who was reborn like a phoenix from the ashes and is suitable if the original is something you do not like.


This social network does not need a special introduction, at present it is successfully used by more than 400 million users, including those with android!


A huge number of films and TV series, as well as other content is physically impossible to remember, however, there is an application that is already all made and ready to help you;)

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