news for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Funny and very handy app to keep abreast of all the new products and other fun, which is filled with the world, and most importantly - it all with vivid images and texts!


This app without which literally can not do any geek because it is literally filled to the brim with the latest information about all kinds of technical innovations.


More and more news of the game world was out every day - announcements, surveys, news. Keep track of all this flux was difficult, until today!


News Republic - this is a very handy app for tablets and smartphones, which will keep you informed on the latest news of interest to you and with a few touches on the screen of your device.


Appendix Grand Theft Auto: iFruit created for those lucky owners of an android that besides him have a console, such as PS 3 or X-box 360, which not so long ago there was a new and long awaited game GTA 5. This application will allow you to greatly expand its capabilities in the game and will always find something new and interesting, is invaluable for real fans!


News app offline Feeds4Me created for those Android users who have already become little short articles from the service Google Reader, for those who want to keep abreast of and get more compressed information from various news sources on the Internet which today are vast. So put the program and enjoy the inexhaustible flow of information on your phone or tablet.


NewsBlur program is designed for active users of social spaces of the Internet, as it is it will help you to be always aware of what is happening, collecting for you the latest news from your social networks, giving them very easily without any mess.

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