zombie games for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Another shooting range, which developers prefer to call a shooter, will offer you to fight the walking dead and other consequences of the worldwide apocalypse on the subject of zombies!


Sometimes the retro style involves pixels, and sometimes even monochrome colors like in this new product, however, this does not cancel the presence of an exciting story about the confrontation between survivors and zombies!


A dynamic action game made in the 3D world for your android, the main distinguishing feature is hand-to-hand combat with zombies and monsters similar to them, all under an invigorating soundtrack, how about you?


Already the fourth part about stupid zombies has arrived in time for your android, and given that the past parts have gained tens of millions of downloads - we are waiting for similar success in this case too.


A classic platform game about zombies for your android, the actions of which begin by itself in the hospital, where our protagonist woke up and trying to understand what happened launches the plot!


And again zombies and again shooting on android! A fresh third-person shooter that will send your hero to the cemetery and other places where monsters are hungry for your flesh!


The words “shooter” and “zombie” combined in one sentence for android in 90% of cases meant that you had another shooting range, but today the situation is from the remaining 10%, so this is really a shooter!


Almost endless location, voxel graphics and constant movement in attempts to survive and kill as many zombies as possible, since the apocalypse is in the yard, and the game is still for android!


A strategic game in which you again have to fight with zombies. But this time, not only the army will be on your side, but also super-heroes with their unique abilities!


A slightly different look at the format of scroll-shooters, the classic representative of which has already visited our site today, but here you are waiting for zombies and a more modern approach in general.


Classic mobile format strategy on the classic theme - battles with zombies and the restoration of the city (base) after the next apocalypse that the world in your mobile phone has experienced again!


An action shooter with horror elements, since we are talking about zombies, which is available for your android, it will offer you a difficult way to survive in the world after the apocalypse ...

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