Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The crazy mix of a fairly classic shooter format and roguelike format has borne fruit and they are in front of you, ready to take part in this madness?


The zombie strategy may not seem the most original solution, but you know, in this developers have collected so many things that we simply could not get by it!


How do you get the idea of ​​building an army of monsters and destroying the whole world? We really liked her, especially in the format of a cool retro game like this;)


If someone and somehow could have thought that with the onset of the fall and the new school year, games about zombies will recede into the background - you are mistaken, they are only gaining momentum!


The platform, in which most of the entire visual is given to shadows and other things that you do not need to work on ... A great option, is not it?


This game is from the format that either captures or does not like ... We will not insist and let you decide for yourself, and with us chips and novelty features;)


A novelty in the format of "retro", which is sure to please all fans of the good old platform shooters, which started with 8-bit consoles.


Today it's really hard to come up with something original, something that will surprise players, but what if you do not try to surprise someone, but just make a cool game?


If you are fond of games, you probably saw quite a lot of role-playing projects, including those on android, but you certainly did not meet anything like that;)


Role-playing game, which is difficult to call original, but it was performed with scale and scope, as it is now fashionable, that's only hundreds of analogues ... but that's another story.


A new platformer in which you will again have to go to battle with another portion of monsters, which are unpleasant for both developers and your heroes;)


This summer does not let out of its paws the history of zombies, which were replenished with another excellent project for survival in the conditions of the next apocalypse.

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