Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Consoles are still superior to mobile platforms, but the gap is narrowing, slowly but surely, and this shooter with puzzle elements can be a bright proof of that, check it out!


An interesting format for those who love war and airplanes, because here you will find yourself on one of those that attacks opponents on the ground, so study the map and go on a mission!


Fruits, transforming robots and role-playing game, what do you ask? And the fact that all this is combined into one project, which we want to present to you. Of course, the target audience is children.


Role-playing games on android appear more and more, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate in them, but we are trying to choose the most cool and relevant, here is one of them!


We have always respected the underestimated cyberpunk genre, which today fails miserably on the big screens, but in games it's not so bad, so keep the next representative.


In this action-based game, you will be offered to develop your squad from the cute Valkyries, who happened to fight monsters in the ancient temple, plus, everything that happens is in anime style.


After the release of the second part of the film “Jurassic Park”, the subject of dinosaurs became relevant again, so that such games began to appear, offering to survive in close contact with them.


The spacecraft is a very confined space, only space is around and nothing more, and now imagine that aliens have attacked you, you just have to defend yourself ... In the new product this is exactly what is realized.


A gloomy and scary mansion, in which ghosts, monsters and other vermin are wound up according to all canons, and you will be asked to spend some time in it and that the most important thing is to survive!


If you are not tired of raking the consequences of the next apocalypse, then here is a fresh game in which you can take up the defense of your camp with the survivors, shooting hundreds and thousands of zombies!


We all remember which HYIP was caused by the Pokemon Go game, primarily due to its original mechanics, and already at the next stages due to unlucky players, there is something similar here;)


Bagel in the style of anime, which involves both offline and online battles, a large selection of characters and a rather interesting need to think of an action plan before the battle begins.

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