Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Immediately it is worth saying that this game has not yet come out, but you can already subscribe to the release, because many players are waiting for it, maybe you will be among them?


For a long time nothing revolutionary has happened on the android, but those times have passed, especially when this game appeared that we could not ignore, we look!


A little classics in the tape! The game that received a crazy soundtrack, insane gameplay and graphics in the style of 8-bit! What else is needed for happiness?


As practice has shown, games of thoroughbred genres quite strongly lose in importance and are not ready to compete with those who have learned to combine. Our novelty - combines;)


If someone missed zombies, then here's a fresh action, within which you need to escape and shoot at zombies, and immediately it is worth noting that the format is quite unusual!


We encountered a lot of strange gameplay, but in this case, although it is strange, it still has some references to a fairly well-known content, which we will tell about.


I do not know how for you, but for us today there was an interesting discovery, it turns out that the cult corporation SEGA had a lot more games than we thought! Here is one of them ..


Another representative of the popular flow of games in which you need to fight other players on the island, which is generally good, competition leads to development!


A little space, a little unexplored, plus dynamics, action and shooting - that's a great recipe for an interesting game that you should like, and we'll talk a little about it.


A novelty, which we would have called the most ordinary slasher, but the developers opened our eyes, explaining that there is a whole mix of several genres at once!


A new scrolling shooter that combines both modern technologies and classics of the genre, without which such games simply can not do without, whatever one may say!


A new platformer for which you will happily spend more than one hour, but all because he is somehow, but insanely beautiful, interesting and very original, who else can boast of such?

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