Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The game in the genre action / RPG, which will have to perform quests and cut the evil left and right, along the way pumping the main character, is not that what you always dreamed of?


Another shooter about zombies, in which you will get acquainted with the thousandth apocalypse, its consequences and take part in their elimination, how long and successfully - in your hands!


PLAYMOBIL Knights, like children, rather than adults. Adventures are waiting! Become a knight's assistant in his difficult journey.


Fresh action game about zombies and other mutants, in the zone with which you and find yourself. How much will you have the strength to survive and find your way home? Let's check!


The second game, which will also be a continuation is already less bright and positive, compared to the past, because it's about zombies, fog and not the best day of your life ...


Not the most recent game, which was not very popular, which is rather strange, so we decided to draw your attention to it separately;)


Continuing the journey through the old games, I found an interesting representative on the topic of knights, castles and other Middle Ages, so we polish armor!


This game will be an excellent example of how from a simple project you can do something quite interesting and even attribute it to a completely different genre!


One of those games, which somehow, but still trying to compensate for the lack of the last parts of GTA on mobile platforms ... and why not, actually?


Today we got a relatively old role-playing game with undeservedly low popularity, as it seemed, especially if we take into account some pleasant features of the project.


A project that must necessarily be evaluated by all owners of powerful devices running an android, this you have not seen, especially on androids!


The second for today is a classic role-playing game, which, unlike the past, has gone along the platformer path, which further distances it from modern technologies, but nothing, it's a classic!

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