Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


A new role-playing game for your android, which hails from Hong Kong, which means bold experiments and quite successful borrowing, which has long been working only in plus projects ...


Creepy retro graphics on which it is difficult to make out at least something is compensated by an amazing plot and addictive gameplay in the best traditions of science fiction.


A fresh project for your android, in which you have to fight with mutant cookies, which have flooded the district and now threaten the world that you know and are used to.


Very dynamic pixel fighting game with amazing chiptune voice acting! And yet, the developers were not lazy, diluting what was happening with cool cuts like comics, which only complements what is happening!


Horror and clown - a classic combination that should be familiar to all fans of the genre! And this time, you can experience the full range of sensations on your android for free!


A new role-playing game from China, which looks pretty impressive, especially if you evaluate the epic proportions of monsters and especially bosses that you will encounter during the passage.


Another novelty for the android, which gravitates to the classics of the role-playing game genre, there are at least orcs here, and that already says a lot! But of course, here you are waiting for hordes and other monsters and even dangerous bosses!


In this novelty, playing in the genre of role-playing games for android, developers promise comfort in use, excitement and a little stone age, which definitely deserves our attention, we read the analysis!


The first part of this action turned out to be quite popular, so the adventures of a gang of men with physics jelly continue, this time with a plot, bosses and many new tasks!


When the ideas for the next role-playing game on Android have already run out, and I don’t want to repeat myself, some large developers such as IGG.COM find a way out, for example, to remember the story of Sinbad!


The action, which for the most part resembles a crazy shootout on an android, but has moved far enough from the classics of the genre, and the base of what is happening is the beloved black man - Stickman!


Embark on a dangerous adventure to fight various monsters and bosses. A fairly typical and simple role-playing game that has been successfully combined with a clicker for android.

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