Action for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The world-famous studio, familiar to millions of players, has released a mobile version of its role-playing game, which has become much easier, both in terms of gameplay, and in terms of management.


Unusual action for your android, which will definitely appeal to real fans of the famous Counter-Strike shooter, but why this game did not become a shooter too - read on.


Platformers have long settled on the android and when it comes to war shooting, we all know what to think about, but maybe the king of the genre has a competitor?


Stickman returns and this time he has a small but professional team of killers who decided to do away with the representatives of the mafia groups, how do you like it?


The novelty in the genre of role-playing games for android, which does not offer a cool story, however, will plunge you into the world of chaos, monsters and demonic entities with which you have to fight.


The next and very passing role-playing game in which you will be offered large and scary monsters, the style of anime and some other, familiar components of the genre.


The theme of dinosaurs confidently keeps both on the big screens and in the gaming industry, and considering that mobile platforms can endure everything, then here is the freedom for them, so ... dinosaurs on the android!


Another kind of game in which the developers decided to combine craft and action, offering the best of each genre, in general, the game can be regarded as a competitor of yesterday's novelty;)


If you remember the series of games Five Nights at Freddy's, which was successfully completed, then this is a kind of clone that you should pay attention to, especially if there is not enough adrenaline in the blood.


The third part of the series, which for the most part was surprisingly only better in all respects, which is very unusual, but still very relevant, so we did not pass by and advise you!


The new “bagel”, the publisher of which was the famous studio IGG.COM, which rarely takes on simple and boring projects, so we recommend paying attention to the game, and you can download it for free!


Today's novelty is a direct continuation of the last part of the same-name game, which is a rather primitive format of “bagel”, which, as they say, “could”!

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