desktop for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


SoftOrange application is a logical addition to the newly released Next launcher, theme, and for which it will serve. This is not just a beautiful theme, it's a great opportunity to showcase all the advantages of the new launcher and give you an idea of ​​what beauty was created.


Annex Concept key lime pie HD 7 in 1 is an extension of the concept on a theme of lemon pie, very topical in recent versions of android. Icons, wallpapers, high resolution, widgets, and more, regularly updated, available for launchers Apex, Nova and many others.


The program NotifierPro Plus it is very convenient and intuitive way not to miss the most important moments in your life, setting special reminders and notifications on your android. The simplicity and convenience, it's no nonsense, great app!


The program Digital Blasphemy Wallpapers it's not quite the image editor and not just a collection of wallpaper for your android, it's something more. The first is a mirror site of the famous artist Ryan Bliss, who became famous for his achievements in computer art.


The program TSF Shell Sky Theme HD is a new opportunity and original design solutions for those with Android-installed TSF Shell. The main theme of this expansion - the sky, in all its glory.


TSF Shell program is entirely new possibilities for your android, in fact it is a new operating system with a new interface and all of this is attached. Traditional usability and mass of previously unseen widgets, new operations and interesting solutions.


Regina 3D Launcher - this spectacular program will help make your phone more stylish and convenient to use. Desktop Items can be placed in a free manner. The interface of this desktop easy and at the same time very beautiful.


LauncherPro PLUS - A worthy alternative replacement for the standard screen of Android 2.0 and above.


Android Seven - The key element here, a button "Start". It is in the bottom left corner. After eenazhatiya open Windows-like menus, izkotorogo can cause a complete list of applications, the standard browser (for some reason having ikonkuIE), a file manager and a paneled control.

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