Arcade for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Take a cube and go on an unusual journey on a crumbling and at the same time lining up surface, think and be careful, it will help!


If you like hardcore platformers, then this game should please you! In any case, there is a minimum of jewelry and a maximum of complications, what else do you need?


New in the genre of platformers from an independent developer, who nevertheless decided to show the world his brainchild, which is quite different from the typical representatives of the genre.


Which of you have tried very hot peppers or sauce? Most likely everyone, but here we have a cute pig who also ate something so spicy that you can even spit on the fireballs ...


Atmospheric games have always attracted attention and definitely will not leave us in the coming years, and for those who missed the old days - we picked up this novelty.


To conquer off-road can be in different ways, including in games, as in this case, when you are offered different vehicles and a rather difficult hilly track.


Arcade in which you have to extract resources, working in a mine, only you have to use cold weapons, and not more than the usual shovel or pickaxe ...


If for some reason you feel quite bored, but you are not going to delve into the complex plot twists of another tricky project, then this is the perfect game!


An excellent example of how to copy someone's idea and get a pretty good analogue! Anyway, in front of you is a simple clicker without any purpose, please love and favor ...


Motorcycles are a rather dangerous type of transport, especially for the driver, so better take a ride in the virtual world, and this game will help you with this!


We have not had classic clickers for a long time, so we decided to correct this situation, which means that this is the most recent and potentially successful representative of the genre.


It is difficult to come up with a name cooler for the game than the one devised by the developers for this novelty! Anyway, we decided to check whether it is justified ...

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