Arcade for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


Our planet is huge and almost every region has its own myths and stories based on just such myths and this adventure game is based, very interesting and atmospheric.


Another novelty, the meaning of which we honestly did not quite understand, so, share your opinion in the comments, and we'll talk about how the game is seen to us and what we've learned from it.


An excellent arcade game, to which the definition of a "puzzle" clings, but, unfortunately, the brains will not help you very much, but dexterity and some skill are necessary.


If archery is not an empty sound for you, then this game is mandatory for acquaintance, because in this format it represents a unique step forward!


Taking a short break, the developers from the studio Ketchapp again were able to show us their stamina and performance, thanks to this novelty!


Snake is a classic, from which it is difficult to refuse and whose development in the modern world is interesting to watch, as in our case, there is a lot of interesting!


A new arcade, which will please first and foremost the real musicians, because here as never before it is required that your fingers be quick and your eyes sharp!


Very understandable and easy to understand arcade in which you will climb the mountain! In general, nothing unusual, but this game, like many time-killers, is very addictive!


If you like motorcycles, bicycles and other games that take their physics into account, then this game is sure to please you, it has everything you need and more!


Raner, platformer, classic, pixels and music, that's what they were able to shove into one game and what's most interesting - it turned out pretty cool, especially if you like this;)


Long name for the next platformer, which, unlike the last game was much more positive, but not from the point of view of art, unfortunately ...


A new platformer, which should download literally every fan of the genre, because such an atmosphere is difficult to confuse something or find somewhere else ...

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