Arcade for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


The film industry often intersects with games, and with varying success, if we talk about movies on games, but about games on movies is not so bad, but what about sitcoms?


Novelty among pixel platformers for android, which is not ready to offer modern graphics, but fans of the genre may be interested in interesting mechanics.


The first part of this franchise is so old that you will not find it on the android, however, there is a past (second) that was able to collect more than 10 million downloads, but what about the new, third part?


Simple games are always useful, especially if they are about cars that haven't been on our site for a long time, plus nostalgia and lots of references to classics for fans of the genre.


Monsters, deadly fog and survival - this is how you can characterize the new platformer for your android, which will offer entertaining adventures and positive characters.


Neon continues to defend its borders in a variety of genres, somewhere it is one in step with the cyberpunk, and somewhere offers a classic arcade game for android, it happened this time too!


Fans of cute cats on the android can rejoice, because Hello Kitty, one of the most famous franchises of this subject, showed the world a fresh game that turned out to be closer to racing!


New from our reader and part-time indie developer who will offer you to go into deep space and take part in an adventure assembled on the basis of a scrolling shooter!


Being a taxi driver is hard work, especially if the tasks are invented for a specific purpose, and your task is not to get into accidents, which will be hindered by various obstacles.


A new arcade game that acts as a time killer for an android appeared less than a month ago, and if you consider that outside the summer window - jumping into the pool is a very appropriate and useful exercise!


Novelty is a colorful arcade game in which you have to swim in different reservoirs for a while, bypass obstacles and perform various tricks. So how about kayaking?


Fishing can be an epic exercise even without a fishing rod. Doubters let them try a new clicker on their android and catch fish with a big net in the strong hands of the fisherman.

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