Role-playing games for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


This game was waited by all fans of the first-person role-playing games, who for some reason do not have the opportunity to play them on the PC, because The Elder Scrolls is a legend, and even from the "native" developer ...


Role-playing games on android appear more and more, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate in them, but we are trying to choose the most cool and relevant, here is one of them!


Bagel in the style of anime, which involves both offline and online battles, a large selection of characters and a rather interesting need to think of an action plan before the battle begins.


Experiments are always interesting, though not always effective and generally useful, approximately this kind of new role-playing game for your android can also be attributed to this genus ... another experiment!


Cartoon role-playing games is the case when the name does not rattle all over the world, but the fans are the most loyal, it is for such people that this game appeared on the android, and we will tell a little about it.


A complete MMORPG for android seems like a pipe dream? So, you are not familiar with the new product, which you can read about in this review, it will be interesting, so come on in!


Become the very hero who will defeat all the demons in the new role-playing game for android, which will offer you classic battles and many opportunities for development.


This game received such a powerful advertising campaign that we could not get round it, so let's check how objectively the developers themselves appreciated their creation ...


Pump a unique team in this fresh role-playing game, where dozens of heroes and unforgettable adventures await you, most importantly, all this is for android and completely free!


The day of the release of this game became significant for many, however, we are sure that only at the beginning, and then everything went a little wrong along that road, and what’s wrong here - we will tell.


In this role-playing game, the fate of the whole world once again falls into your hands, and this is not a joke! Nevertheless, you have a suitable hero for this, a strong and brave one, and also you can assemble a team!


How about another game from the Korean studio, which once again decided to tell us about the zombie apocalypse or something like that, while creating an excellent platform game?

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