Role-playing games for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun


This game is most suitable for the fair sex, since here we will talk about beautiful clothes and the development of a boutique in which you will sell it to everyone!


An original novelty in the role-playing game genre, which will tell you about an alternative reality in which your ward must succeed in the "local" social network and other plot twists.


It’s good when manual monsters go on a trip with you to help you cope with any difficulties! It is on this that the plot of this fresh role-playing game for android is based.


A typical role-playing game, which was again combined with the “three in a row” puzzle format, it will offer you to equip your house and fight various monsters, solving the puzzle.


A role-playing game that very much resembles the first parts of Diablo, even picked up a similar font, and why not? The mobile version of the original has not yet been released, but here is real nostalgia!


A new role-playing game that came to our android from Japan and promises to be the first in a whole series, which will be connected by the plot and the general concept, which is quite pleasant for fans.


A role-playing game for android with an interesting storyline, based entirely on anime, which, by the way, is an extremely rare case, because more often than not, a player gets only a visual style, and here - everything else!


The outcome of the protracted war is in your hands, which means that the time has come to assemble a team of five brave fighters and embark on a dangerous adventure, destroying all who interfere!


A fresh role-playing game from China, which pays homage to the classics of the genre, offering us pixel graphics and the platforming format all rolled into one, but why not? On android, we have not seen this.


A role-playing game for android in which you once again have to assemble a team of brave heroes and embark on a dangerous adventure, collecting rewards for defeating various opponents!


And this role-playing game will offer you to plunge into the dark world of fantasy, turn-based battles and the opportunity to uncover the mystery of the fog, which brought many problems to your lands.


A classic role-playing game for android with a first-person view, typical for the genre inventory and a set of gloomy dungeons that need to be cleaned from monsters and other evil spirits that have settled here.

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