zombie games for android


Again Zombies! At this time in the original, oriental style! Very popular game on the OS iOS Chinese Zombie War Demon Arise and finally migrated device Android. The game's protagonist, a teenager named Sung is a disciple of Taoist school warriors in Ancient China and that it had the mission to clear the holy land!


It is time to awaken the custodians of the world! Planet in chaos due to the onslaught of the undead army. You will play a major role in maintaining peace in the universe with the help of powerful heroes in the game for mobile platforms SHOOTING PANG. So smash zombies and do not deny yourself the pleasure of not paying attention to the other counterparts, the game is worth it!


Fight Fight Zombanite! DEMO - is a game that elevates the genre of zombie apocalypse completely new tactical level. Select survivors and create their own team to fight zombies. Battle the zombies have never been so exciting, and deliberate, so that this time may be interested in serious game players.


Love guns? Love to kill zombies on your android? Then Resident Zombies game for smartphones and tablets is exactly what you need! The plot does not possess originality, but still zombies overrun the world and home of our protagonist. It is time to stop sharply increasing population lovers brains.


Shots and puzzles, arms and claws! Make your choice - to defend or attack in the game world Zombie Puzzle Invasion. Great idea to unite the world zombie apocalypse and classic puzzle. But zombies have also become a classic, so it's logical that the two classics in one bottle can not hurt, so check it out!


Game Dead Ahead is another proof of the fact that in recent years continues to gain tremendous popularity of the genre of the zombie apocalypse, already filmed many TV shows and movies, and also created a lot of games for smartphones, tablets, personal computers and consoles. So get ready for the next fight against the virus and the undead!


WALL DEFENSE: ZOMBIE MUTANTS - it's a great game, full of bloody action and addictive gameplay, and most importantly - it is again about zombies! As they have not only destroyed, but they do not stop, so you should download this application and thus slightly reduce their number, because without this clearly will not do!


WakaVille Zombie Killer Squad - this bloody shooter for tablets and smartphones in the familiar style of all the zombie apocalypse. Zombies again captured the entire world, a terrible virus is spreading at an incredible rate. And your task - is the liquidation of zombies and consequences of the virus, as usual, except for the gameplay and fun graphics ;)


Dead Effect - this is a fantastic game in the genre of FPS, which received a lot of positive reviews for the excellent graphics of the game, the gameplay and the perfect balance between humor and fear. Moreover, the game will tell you again about zombies, which this time have got longer - namely in space! Do not allow them to land on another planet, or else it will be a universal apocalypse!


Game iSnipe: Z - is the continuation of the famous game is all Green Force: Zombies, which will give you a unique experience in the games of the genre FPS - Sniper simulator that little distinguishes this game from the rest. Watch the undead in your rifle's telescopic sight and decide for yourself who will die immediately, and who for a couple of seconds later.


Bunch of zombies - it's exciting and fun arcade game with elements of puzzle game combines elements of the game «Angry birds» and «Yeti sport». You probably have never have imagined that zombies can be fun and good, but they exist, and the application to see this on their own experience!


Hello, friends! And today we'll look at the wonderful continuation Action Strategy Plants vs Zombie 2, all from the same studio EA Games. Yes, yes I know what you're thinking, it's football Fifa 4, now the strategy, it would seem the company should be one direction that it has developed as best as possible, but this is not the case, because EA is divided into several divisions and produce every project with its twist. Plants vs Zombie was no exception, so I suggest to go directly to the game.

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