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Game DARIUSBURST -SP- it is nothing like the port is quite popular game to PSP, for which is to thank the developers of TAITO Corporation, which up to this point, you might be familiar only on the game Groove Coaster 2, a review of which was already on our website .
But let us at once in what a look. This game is certainly remarkable and interesting in every way for fans of the genre, but we are not going to compare the way it looked on the PSP on our devices. Any games on the PSP is a jeweler optimization, graphics and fit the parameters by which the game looks and plays differently and quite differently, and android ... in most cases it is just a phone. However, this did not prevent developers dokinut even becoming negative in the game on a new front in particular - it paid for the android. Moreover, the price she was higher than usual - $ 5! I understand everything, but now directly to your PSP, you can buy the game for 6-7 dollars, with the support ... and if you remove a package that is not expected for the android, then the price will be equal, so what's the point?

Nevertheless, the game DARIUSBURST -SP- very interesting, especially if you enjoy scrolling shooter!
There is everything you need - a lot of enemies, decent graphics, excellent atmosphere and a comfortable, horizontal orientation, a bit unusual for the genre, but perfectly suitable for him. And according to the laws of the genre in this game there is no plot, there is no explanation of who and what you are fighting, there is no hint why your plane is flying in space in the ocean, but in actual fact, it Vlam need?
However, to optimize for touch screens, developers still tried, so easy control of the game, the animation is good and what's more, some additions dabavleny likely absent in the earlier versions of the original product. Brighten up your flights will try a new musical selection from ZUNTATA, and in general, the game has received a lot of good reviews from respected publications, so if you do not mind the money - you can try.

The result: a game that is inherent in Japanese quality and complexity of the classics of the genre, but really it is a pity that it was paid, it is virtually on the vine kill its chances of high popularity.


DARIUSBURST -SP- for Micromax A63 Canvas Fun



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2015/11/06 10:24
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Micromax A63 Canvas Fun

Micromax A63 Canvas Fun Version: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Processor: Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7)
Display: 4.00", 800x480
Dimensions: 124.5 x 65.7 x 11.3 mm

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