Action for android


Today we got a relatively old role-playing game with undeservedly low popularity, as it seemed, especially if we take into account some pleasant features of the project.


A project that must necessarily be evaluated by all owners of powerful devices running an android, this you have not seen, especially on androids!


The second for today is a classic role-playing game, which, unlike the past, has gone along the platformer path, which further distances it from modern technologies, but nothing, it's a classic!


A new role-playing game, which was done according to the classic recipe, was decorated with pixels, added an interesting adventure and rolled out for free access, a great thing!


A new attempt to make the owners of androids a little closer to the cosmos, showing them beautiful planets and modern graphics, well, why not? The game is really beautiful!


A fresh game about the zombie apocalypse, which is implemented in the format of a classic platformer, which will certainly cause nostalgia for most fans!


And what if we take the usual format like "tanks", and instead of tanks launch robots there? Approximately as one of the developers once thought, and such games appeared ...


The next game, in which the pixels rule, and everything is implemented in the best way, especially from the point of view of those who are very fond of classical games, let's go!


Quite a canonical game, which can be called a teaser for a whole era, which is not far off, an era when even on Android there will be powerful and serious projects!


Casual role-playing game ... I did not think that such a thing would appear at all, but here it is, in front of you! While somewhere roguelike is flourishing here everything is quite the opposite, I propose to look.


The success of famous tank projects does not leave indifferent other developers who are trying to collect the remaining crumbs from a couple of global projects ...


An unusual role-playing game that absorbed all that is possible, nevertheless, giving results to the will of the case ... the approach is strange, but still it is, let's see what it is!

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