Action for android


Fresh online action, the main role in which is allocated to cars and destruction, what could be better? So, if this is what you so lacked - drove, you are already waiting for!


A new pixel game from the already known studio, which is once again ready to please us with a slightly strange, but definitely fascinating gameplay, this time in the genre MMORPG!


A new role-playing game, which was decided to perform in a cartoon style, will introduce us to new heroes who perfectly master both sword and magic, fighting with various opponents!


An excellent shooter, in which you will play for one of the most famous fighters against crime - Chuck Norris! Armed with a baseball bat, you go into battle, what will come of it?


In the genre of scroll shooter replenishment, and with the novelty will have to be considered almost all leading on android projects, so that bypassing her attention would not be nice;)


A little classics in the tape will never hurt, so catch a new scrolling shooter, performed in the best traditions of the genre and offering to go into another space adventure.


Another example of how developers can "parasitize" on extremely popular franchises, however, in this case it will be better to call a symbiosis!


Attempts to imitate large and successful projects do not always end badly, in any case this is a very good occasion for development, an example of which was this game;)


The mixture of genres continues to please with its variations, in this game you will find a unique combination of the format of "Stales", puzzle, horror, shooter and classic rpg, we will estimate!


For fans of the eponymous series, the game will be a real outlet, offering you to once again be a little closer to the main characters, for the rest I'll tell you everything;)


Legendary Stickman and the legendary confrontation between good and evil, the forces of light and darkness, in which you will take a direct part, showing all your talents in this difficult field!


Advanced shooter, which got the platform roots and graphics in the style of silhouettes, which is often associated with savings, but not this time, which means it will be interesting!

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