space shooter for android


Cool space shooter designed in 2D and pixel graphics format "retro", want to experience again the old thrill of games of past years? If so - download and enjoy!


New game about space and its inhabitants - asteroids that and you have to fight, do not know what exactly you are not pleased, but will be a major massacre, who are not scared - download!


Classic space shooter that long and did finally did on the fashion trends, but if it helps to pull the game from the long-forgotten genre?


To defend the galaxy and get the benefit from this - that's what you have to do in this hardcore game! And all because you join the ranks of the galactic mercenaries!


A game for those who are tired of the routine and looking at the stars is not a blind eye, because that's where you have to charge their blasters and go to the conquest of space!


If so, and talk about the classic space shooter, then the developer must also be a classic example NAMCO, they really a lot to know about classic games!


Cool space adventure that will allow you to surf the vastness of space and participate in fascinating battles orbiting different planets!


As in the previous survey serves classic space adventure, shooting and a bunch of enemies, the game is very similar, but this is paid, so is there any sense in it? Read and meditate!


The classic space shooter, made even more classic 2D style game is not the most original, but has a whole battery of fans and those to whom it will be interesting!


Star Fighter 3001 is a fascinating scrolling shooter for your android, classic and irresistible. Join a battle with lots of enemies and never stop fighting!


Game ARC Squadron: Redux - it's a great action-arcade game made ​​in the style of futuristic Flying. She buried a you in the next galactic disaster in which again you need to take active part and save the world, which is hanging by a thread ... Fascinating story and very beautiful graphics that only contribute to, but do not forget the main mission!


Exciting and disturbing space battles await you in the game BlastPoints, available on your android. The game was developed on the gorgeous Unreal Engine 3, is characterized by superb dynamics, visual effects and great potential for personalization of his fighter.

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