Action for android


Adventure for Android, which has not yet stood the test of time, but it interested us because of its classic format, which we like very much.


The fifth part of the game about the thief who has already become famous, who got involved in another adventure, of which you will definitely become, of course, on your android;)


And again in paradise for admirers of the classics, another replenishment, which you definitely cannot miss at least for several reasons, which we will definitely tell about.


I don’t know about you, but the appearance of this game came as a surprise to us, in any case, we didn’t wait for it, but surprises are also fun, so let’s introduce you to what is happening!


A bit of hardcore, albeit block, never hurts, as in this case, because you have another game created in the style of Minecraft, however, it’s about zombies;)


Another horror movie for android in which you have to confront the cruel butcher, however, the goal is very noble - to save the girl, why not?


If you think you have seen all the strangest zombie games, then we have found another one for your collection ... She obviously does not claim to be a masterpiece, but it’s worth a look.


When it comes to airplanes, then most often everyone thinks about a simulator or a scrolling shooter, however, in this case it will be about a role-playing game!


In this game, you will once again be offered to go for the treasure, armed with a metal detector ... it looks very interesting, so why not?


Fresh action for android, which is made in a rather unusual format, which only increases its value in our eyes, and only we saw a lot of games ...


A fresh attempt to do something new and interesting on the basis of absolutely not fresh values, which we all know very well. One way or another, let's see what happened.


The name of this game is a legend, moreover, it is familiar to a huge number of players from around the world, and many people play the classic variation and today ... let's see what awaits us.

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