Action for android


A novelty, which we would have called the most ordinary slasher, but the developers opened our eyes, explaining that there is a whole mix of several genres at once!


A new scrolling shooter that combines both modern technologies and classics of the genre, without which such games simply can not do without, whatever one may say!


A new platformer for which you will happily spend more than one hour, but all because he is somehow, but insanely beautiful, interesting and very original, who else can boast of such?


To fans of games about zombies are not bored here is a little food for thought, more precisely, for tactile fun, because in front of you a fresh action in which you need to crumble alive dead bodies!


Fresh and very unobtrusive role-playing game, which the developers themselves are nicknamed, will suggest you to go to dangerous dungeons and fight monsters!


A new adventure action that will allow you to plunge a bit into the world of ancient India and the myths that are associated with this interesting story.


I am sure that many people were waiting for this game, and they are not sure that many waited for exactly what they wanted ... however, what is happening is more than expected, so we'll figure it out;)


A rare, but almost always welcome guest on our site is a good role-playing game, especially if there is any chip in it, in this case, the chip was found and not one;)


Another blend is a riner with a slasher, where the main characters will be mutants, big and strong, crushing everything in their path, indiscriminately and without delay!


A game that we simply could not miss! Not only does it resemble classic role-playing games of old, so there's a lot of possibilities, see for yourself!


Sometimes in an attempt to create something strange, the developers are still getting something good, as in this case, and yet, we have not had scrolling shooters for a long time!


A novelty for the android, which will appeal to all adventurers, ready to go to the most dangerous adventure, for the sake of solving the ancient secrets and relics!

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