Action for android


Bagel in the style of anime, which involves both offline and online battles, a large selection of characters and a rather interesting need to think of an action plan before the battle begins.


Ninjas have long been entrenched in the minds of both players and developers, so, here is another manifestation of this complex profession, which this time intertwined with revenge and role-playing elements.


Freedom is a common word, which for many is not only the meaning of life, but also the center of the universe! Nevertheless, once it had to fight for it in the literal sense of the word, which is what you will do.


The usual format, but still unusual circumstances ... what do you think will work if you replace the tanks with mechanical dinosaurs? In some movie already had something like that, do not you think so?


Cartoon role-playing games is the case when the name does not rattle all over the world, but the fans are the most loyal, it is for such people that this game appeared on the android, and we will tell a little about it.


The developers claim that we have before us the world's first sci-fi MMORPG with the participation of the robot ... and this is an action and strategy, and generally a cool thing ... let's see what and how!


Fresh game about the next apocalypse, where your character will have to survive, of course, on android you can download it for free, so use;)


New for android in which you are waiting for tanks and other players with whom you need to fight, defending their honor and honing their skills, not a competitor, of course for WoT, but also worthy of attention.


Become the very hero who will defeat all the demons in the new role-playing game for android, which will offer you classic battles and many opportunities for development.


This game received such a powerful advertising campaign that we could not get round it, so let's check how objectively the developers themselves appreciated their creation ...


And again you have to go to battle with the zombies in this beautiful retro-game for android, where the main role is played by cute pixel cats, fighting for the survivors!


Another “grand piano”, but this time it’s not for him to climb into the bushes, but you, because this is an online tactical shooter where you need to track down and destroy opponents, only they have the same mission ...

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