football for android


This game has gathered the most interesting of American football, and to be precise - shots on target, which you will have to make again and again until you break the record!


This game is about soccer for android for those who like to throw the ball into the goal, and everything else is not so interesting to him, because that's what you have to do all the time!


Android sports managers are very popular, especially when it comes to football. To assemble a team and develop your football club you just have to in this new product!


This game is dedicated to real football fans who are willing to devote much more time to it than many, because only regular training will lead to success;)


As long as football remains one of the most popular games, games about it will be released, moreover, the format may be different and today you have the “strategic” component.


Football is one of the most popular games on our planet, so it’s not surprising that there are a lot of games about football, but what will happen if you cross football with science fiction?


Such games do not appear very often, but they almost always turn out to be popular, and the point is not that they are about football, but rather that they are cool.


Football manager has long been not a novelty and in general a very popular trend in games, given the ease of use on mobile platforms and the popularity of football.


The second project on football for today, which as it turned out, also has a complaint, but about this a little later, you need to disassemble the game in more detail, is not it?


Already today, the next World Cup starts, so for fans of this game today we have two projects and we will start with a less dynamic project;)


Thanks to the looming world football championship, more and more games appear on this topic, which is not surprising, the next six months, the demand will be on top!


Continuation of the original game about football, which is very relevant on the eve of the start of the next World Cup, in addition, the first part came out quite popular;)

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