farm for android


A new farm for android ... so many times we have already written this phrase, but they keep coming out, offering more and more features, so this is a new evolution!


And we have a farm again ... It’s hard to say how many have divorced them on android and other platforms, but as practice shows, people download and download and download them!


And again the farm! Today, the farm can be called almost any game, but the developers are trying to somehow diversify the gameplay, but not this time ...


Simulators, analogs and other games of the "farm" format occupy an important part of the gaming industry, especially on mobile platforms, one way or another, they have replenishment.


Bold and as a consequence, a very controversial project, which nevertheless we had to show. We will tell at once, if you are bad about marijuana - turn next.


This is a new work simulator ... and the work is not the easiest, but in the field, because it's about agriculture! However, if you are familiar with the developers, then you will not be surprised ...


A game for those who want to grow their large garden in which there will be many different plants and animals, a bit of the farm, a little from the clicker - this is a game!


Ready to test your farming skills to the next project? Then, dress simply, we send to the village in the fresh air, we have a lot of work!


Another farm, which is probably something so different from the hundreds of others that you might see for android, try to find these differences, what remains)


The second attempt to start the known universe all icy on android, and in the format of the farm! Here are just a first attempt was much earlier and was very successful ...


New game about zombies, which acquired a rather unusual story that really gives you motivation to develop and improve all that surrounds you, check;)


This game is declared as a simulator, while it is about dragons ... very strange, is not it? Most often describes the simulator actually occurring events as accurately as possible ...

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