run for android


For the most part, the classic rider, which will certainly cause you a pleasant feeling of nostalgia, especially if you played the first hits of this genre, which is most likely!


An adventure game that recently appeared in free access for the android platform and immediately announced itself, having designated a price tag above four dollars ... let's see why!


An unusual arcade on a very New Year theme, as the time draws near, and we still have a lot of such games, but nothing, we'll fix it! First try to escape from a bad Santa ...


Both games that will be presented to you today are a continuation of a rather popular series, otherwise they would not have appeared, but we'll start with the oldest - the third part!


Judging by the first picture you might think that we have a cool shootout, but in practice the game turned out to be a pretty typical rider, but it's not scary, we have those in the process too!


It's always nice when eminent developers do not forget about mobile platforms, offering their owners not big, but still holidays, as in our case!


If someone dared to think that they forgot about the corners and that they do not develop - you are mistaken, they switch to new technologies, namely to robots that will do all the dirty work;)


A new crazy arcade from the already familiar to us studio like all fans of American football or rugby, because what happens is a bit of them.


A very peculiar scanner, the main role in which will perform musicians of a specific direction - death metal, which are often mistakenly associated with servants of Satan ...


A new rider, in which you will not only run, but also shoot! This approach not only adds variety, but also significantly complicates the process, but who said that it will be easy?


I do not think that someone will be surprised by the new raster, but if for some reason the game of this genre you were looking for - keep a fresh project that is a bit about cows and cowboys ...


Someone from the developers is trying to remake the wounds in their own way, some of them have already moved away from them, and someone continues to make classics and does not worry about it, as in our case.

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