Beat da Beat
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No wonder that more and more often on different android developers enliven classic games. Sometimes this happens even without claim to any payment, just to make it. Today, the situation is slightly different, but still did not call this game a classic would be unacceptable. Prepared by its developers from Nekki indie, whose name speaks for itself, it is the "indie" project with all the ...
Anyway, back to the game. I suggest to understand why it is we have a classic.

  • First - it pixel
  • The second - a scrolling shooter

I think that these two parameters is sufficient to accept the fact that, yes, this is another classic. No reincarnation here like not expected just a game looks and plays like something out of those years, but! That's just it, "but" and was to play a huge chrome wheels, about which I wrote in the beginning, and in fact, it is reduced to two points:

  • Game Beat da Beat was very smooth and dynamic
  • The soundtrack for the game has become a powerful gashes genre of dub-step ...

The first point, though pleasant, but still familiar to many, but in the second district, many may cry "chtoo ??" And something I support them because of something that, and dub-step in this kind of games, I can not expected. However, it is and will haunt you throughout the game.

In addition, the game Beat da Beat offers us:

  • cool graphics, despite pixels
  • Music, in addition to style, perfectly matched
  • four levels of difficulty
  • Large and dangerous bosses
  • will be dancing in the corner of some guy ...

All in all, it is at least funny, and at best, may appeal to some fans do not even know what ... dub-step, or classic games, because to find a combination of both of them is very difficult. But this is not the main disadvantage of this game, the main drawback - it paid the price, though not more than the dollar, however, is to try it can only be so.

Outcome: indie project that is such as he is, and waiting, a little weird, and definitely fun, not free, but do not remove your pockets may not be the most popular in the end, but what a masterpiece and deserves fans!


Beat da Beat

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4.31★ 86.17%

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2015/09/26 13:02
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