Puzzle for android


More than a million downloads for a paid game is, to put it mildly, a breakthrough, however, this could be said about the first part of this project, but the second one came up, we'll check what happened to it;)


A new puzzle that is ready to please us with interesting gameplay, which is surprisingly still found in modern games, so there is still gunpowder in the flasks!


The transfer of Top Gear is known to almost every fan of cars, however, who would have thought that this title would be a puzzle ... strange, is not it?


The next puzzle, which absorbed the principles of the famous strategy of The Plague, only received a more pleasant appearance and some other nuances.


The original puzzle in which we will encounter a simplified version of the cube-rubik, which, of course, does not make the event easier, so, get ready!


A puzzle game, the title of which refers us to a gold rush. Only here a goldsmith will be a battleship. Help the beast collect all the gold coins and overcome the intricate labyrinths.


The next part of the strange, very popular and in some ways even masterpiece quests, with some parts of which we have already introduced you, here's another fresh;)


A positive puzzle, which was slightly mixed with the role-playing game and quiz, which in general turned out to be very interesting and fun. I recommend a peek;)


An unusual algebraic puzzle in which you need to deal with the elementary addition of numbers, getting fairly typical results, however, things are not so simple ...


A fresh game based on the movie of the same name, which is just now spinning around the world, so if you want a little more stories - download and play!


An unusual puzzle that will appeal to those who love all kinds of gadgets and other modern chips, because here you will find something similar.


A new, but a paid puzzle, the actions of which the developers decided to make step-by-step, and the surrounding world will surprise you with the happening events, so that there is something to pay for;)

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