Puzzle for android


Building with a balance of height and balance, it sounds crazy ... especially when you consider that you have to take care of the environment, residents, disasters, elections for mayor and other everyday situations.


Puzzle Stack: Fruit Tower Blocks Game - a bright puzzle with fruit shades and unstable blocks, from which you need to build a tower before raising the water.


Before you is a fearsome dungeon puzzle, exploring tombs, echoing tombs and ghosts, treasures and monsters.


The next throw of your skills and care is ready to throw quite well-known developers who were able to release an exciting game of the format "Escape".


Unusual puzzle for android, which may slightly remind another format with numbers, which is called Sudoku, but everything is much more interesting, check for yourself!


While such puzzles are popular, we will not get rid of them, but we will regularly watch, including on our website, so here's another representative.


If you like puzzles, we do not recommend skipping this novelty, which is quite suitable for many fans of the genre, and especially for those who like to open the door;)


If for some reason you do not have enough “three in a row” format games, then here’s another juicy representative of the genre who tells the story of a vegetable farm, no matter how it sounds ...


Beautiful, positive puzzle for android with excellent physics, in which you have to learn how to use the classic piggy bank in the form of a pink pig ...


If the romantic theme is so interesting for you that you are ready to ignore even the general logical construction of the game, then this is exactly what you were looking for!


When the franchise begins to curl up with it, you need to have time to shake off everything that you can, squeeze it to the last drop, something like this is happening to the speaker Tom ...


The world of puzzles is wider and wider, which means that the imagination of the developers does not fade away, even when the number of games in the genre is uncountable ...

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