Arcade for android


An unusual time killer, which to some extent resembles modern show business and even is a kind of parody for him, because here you have to throw money!


A new platformer with an interesting control that tells about the adventures of a new hero in the jungle, inhabited by unfriendly natives and other dangerous creatures!


Funny platformer about a cute mutant who can turn into almost any creature, depending on the situation, what we will use when passing levels!


In this game there is a lot of interesting, but as practice showed, the most interesting aspect of its existence was the publisher, who finally gave signs of life ...


Unusual by modern standards, a game that is able to divide all players into exactly two camps, those who like it and those who are very annoyed by it. And to whom to carry you?


The new arcade, which was published less than a month ago and it is again about birds, but this time without destruction and other destruction, then you will help them to eat and no more;)


Another mixture of arcade and clicker will allow you to spend a lot of time in a rather strange way - fighting off falling logs from the sky, monsters and other elements ...


New adventures on your android, which once again can make you think about the nature that surrounds us, however, in the game we will plant whole planets!


A novelty from the familiar studio Ketchapp, which this time does not offer you to control the ball or cube, you will give a car! That's just it, too, square ...


For those who missed pixel-art, we found an excellent platformer, which is executed in this context, and a nice complement will be the noir atmosphere of cyber punk.


A gloomy platformer about the poor girl, who is stuck in her nightmare, where we need to help her get out. We've already seen it somewhere, have not we? But more on that later ...


A new adventure arcade from the masters of their craft, in which we get not only exciting adventures, but also quite an interesting story!

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