Arcade for android


A remarkable game! This is another project from Ketchapp, but this time, for the first time, the project took as a basis a well-known franchise, retaining the old style;)


A great arcade that slightly breaks the existing traditions of the genre, to which everyone has already begun to get used, because you can play it for a very long time!


Clumsy clicker! That's what we need, is not it? If not - you can scroll further, but this is the clumsy clicker in which you need to develop a nuclear reactor!


Almost an ideal topic for the clicker - the extraction of minerals, which turned into a good time killer will appeal to all fans of excavations!


Game for Android devices King of the Hill is an arcade in which the hero will need to protect the royal castle from the invasion of enemies.


A dynamic arcade game in which you will try to survive on the air islands ... sounds nice, but in fact there will have to be a fair try!


An extraordinary platformer about a terrible place - a prison that, unlike many games of this kind, turned out to be quite a casual arcade ... an interesting option, is not it?


An amusing arcade, in which first of all care is needed, not counting the reaction and other basic moments, but, in general, it turned out very interesting!


A novelty from the well-known studio Ketchapp, which will serve as a continuation of their similar project, which they presented to us earlier and he managed to become famous;)


Quite easy to understand the arcade, which will shake your nerves on the floor and will dance on them, especially if there are problems with the reaction ... In general, for fans of hardcore, not otherwise.


Still playing darts? If not - be sure to play, and if you do not have it at hand, here's a mobile version, which is a little easier to get;)


The long-awaited project from the well-known studio Ketchapp, which something very long ago did not release anything new, but the expectation was worth it, that's for sure!

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