Arcade for android


Fresh arcade from the studio Ketchapp, which does not give up and continues to make simple and understandable games, the representative of which the novelty is, so, drove!


One name of this game is enough to understand that we have another clicker in which we have to grow ... ghosts! To whom is such a liking?


A new casual game, sowing for which you can have a great time, while not much worrying about the result and other moments, which sometimes seriously disturb in analogues ...


A fresh arcade that tells you the history of the world in which darkness reigns, but it is you who will be given the role of the one who will bring light and will be able to change everything!


Studio Ketchapp has long been familiar to our regular readers, but today is another case when it surprised us a bit, we hurried to share it with you;)


Another game that did not impress me, so, read it and think again before you spend time on it, or vice versa, make sure it's right;)


Strange game, which will be interesting to pay attention to all who love the unusual physics and peculiar complexity, which is represented here in all its glory!


In some definitely cool, but very complex music game, in which you will not only maintain the rhythm, but also actively work with your fingers ... but we'll tell you everything.


Quite a fresh game that offers a slightly different look at surfing and the usual places for its implementation, especially if you consider that it is outside of our planet!


Popularity in the past often pushes developers to create a continuation game, as in this case, so I'm not surprised that many of the game is already familiar!


Some studios, such as Ketchapp, for example, can afford a variety of projects, but sometimes they are committed to the classics, transforming and modernizing it a little!


Nice, casual arcade game about a kitten, who decided to have fun, and we all know that most often these are jumps, boxes and other fun, which the developers have not forgotten;)

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