Arcade for android


For a long time, we didn’t have anything new from Ketchapp studio, which, apparently, slightly slowed down, hopefully, in the direction of quality, with which everything is normal ...


Go to Southern California and go for a skateboard? Why not! This game will offer you exactly that, so if you're interested, read on;)


A game of those about which few people say, but many who know about them ... What, how, why and why - we will try to explain, so read on and share your opinion.


And again the farm! Today, the farm can be called almost any game, but the developers are trying to somehow diversify the gameplay, but not this time ...


The original game of the format of "skipping", which is perfect for all fans of the dynamics and the original approach, as there is both.


Combining runner and minecraft is a pretty good idea and is not so often found on android, so let's see what we are offered in the next project on this topic.


Arcade, which will help you to relax and destroy a lot of time, which even the developers themselves do not hide, so, we have a time killer!


Scrolling shooters, as practice shows, does not happen much, and this means that we are always glad to have a new representative of the genre, especially when he gives high hopes.


Fresh game from developers from Korea, who once again gave out something a bit strange, but at the same time, quite playable, and this is a very valuable indicator!


A funny game that appeared on an incomprehensible “HYPE”, and without a special hint of a connection with its relatives, however, this is again about the sausage ...


This is probably the coolest retro pixel game today! Classic, familiar to almost everyone and everyone, only with the participation of cats, well, what else is needed for complete happiness?


A kind of evolution of the famous game PAC-MAN, and it is worth noting that you didn’t see such a variation of the game, because it is a novelty;)

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