Race for android


Pathetic name, do not you think so? However, why not, if in fact developers have something to be proud of? However, we decided to check how things really are.


New in the world of racing for android, which clearly marks the origins of the genre and will definitely be interesting to those who remember the game 10 and even 20 years ago and miss them ...


Many developers at the end of December are trying to roll out their best projects, and in this case, because before you the result of a rather long evolution;)


Continuation of the drift races, which became the basis for the existence of the studio, which releases them, so the project should be very interesting and exciting.


Everything new is a well-forgotten old, so many may safely say that something like this has already happened and this is true, which we will definitely tell about, so read on;)


Virtually every fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise will understand what this game is about, so it’s no secret that it will overlap with cars and characters.


And again, a little drift, which definitely does not hurt anyone, especially if you like this format of racing for android, which are replenished with a new participant.


Another race for android in which you will fight with the racers in the framework of unusual animated rally using weapons and other tricks, a victory at any cost!


A mixture of racing, community service and parking is offered in this new project for android, which has been released to us for a long time by the developers, let's see what and how.


Racing, in the most classic sense of the word, so if you love this "royal" variety of competitions, be sure to pay attention to this game.


Excellent races that will plunge you into the world of the future, offering an unusual approach to these competitions and a lot of new impressions, do not miss!


Ordinary racing - this is what is always lacking, especially lately, especially on the android, which is flooded with fashionable projects that not everyone likes ...

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