classic for android


An interesting platformer in which the developers not only offered us interesting graphics in the style of "retro", but also a full story with the disclosure of characters!


A bit of a classic format never hurts, especially if we are talking about the space shooter, which this game represents, so let's go on a new adventure!


A continuation of a rather disastrous project that appeared at the beginning of this year ... But we decided to give it a chance, in any case, the developers assure that they tried!


A kind of evolution of the famous game PAC-MAN, and it is worth noting that you didn’t see such a variation of the game, because it is a novelty;)


A racing classic will always be in high esteem, especially with a reasonable approach, which the developers of this novelty showed, which we want to present to you today.


A new hardcore arcade, which even the "retro" can not be called, is already archaic, nothing else. But the most important feature - hardcore gameplay, which us and hooked.


For those who like defensive clickers and pixel graphics this novelty will be a pleasant discovery that will allow you to have a great time and have fun.


A new arcade shooter, which is suitable for summer time - no special difficulties and tasks, just train the reaction, and the rest can be relaxed.


I do not know how for you, but for us today there was an interesting discovery, it turns out that the cult corporation SEGA had a lot more games than we thought! Here is one of them ..


The new arcade in the style of "retro", which has just begun to conquer the vastness of Google Play, is recommended for all who love classics and dynamic gameplay;)


A new scrolling shooter that combines both modern technologies and classics of the genre, without which such games simply can not do without, whatever one may say!


Another game that did not impress me, so, read it and think again before you spend time on it, or vice versa, make sure it's right;)

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