cars for android


Often, in big cities of rich countries law enforcement agencies are armed with steep cars that allow to be at the level with offenders, we have exactly that case!


The new rim, which in its appearance reminds many of all past and famous projects, however, there is also something to look at, than we will!


You have not seen such races yet, seriously! Interestingly, it was on the mobile platform that such a format appeared for the first time, which means that we have a trendsetter here!


While someone is experimenting, someone decided to make a classic race, about which many already began to forget, because this genre is more and more difficult to learn!


Fresh arcade, in which you have to travel around a small allocated space, doing animal rescue. Very noble!


Platform races, which are more correctly attributed to the genre of "action", because what is happening here is difficult to call a competition, it's more like a crazy battle!


Another attempt by developers to break into the elite on the android genre of "race", however, they clearly did not take into account the high enough standards that the competitors asked!


If someone missed the classic tin, then I found you a lesson for the near future, because this is exactly the format of games, because of which people break phones or even worse ...


New races for android, which you definitely like, because they look great and got a cool gameplay, fortunately, this is more than enough!


A few modern look at the race, which involves a complete lack of purpose in what is happening, you just need to ride, however, there are a couple of nice features!


The trouble, comrades! It seems we are degrading, because if you expected something from the new part of the famous on android races from the Asphalt series, then most likely, you will not get it ...


A new racing rider from a well-known developer, which from the very beginning is declared as "classic", let's see what's good here you can find;)

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