Role-playing games for android


The game in the genre action / RPG, which will have to perform quests and cut the evil left and right, along the way pumping the main character, is not that what you always dreamed of?


Today we got a relatively old role-playing game with undeservedly low popularity, as it seemed, especially if we take into account some pleasant features of the project.


The second for today is a classic role-playing game, which, unlike the past, has gone along the platformer path, which further distances it from modern technologies, but nothing, it's a classic!


A new role-playing game, which was done according to the classic recipe, was decorated with pixels, added an interesting adventure and rolled out for free access, a great thing!


The next game, in which the pixels rule, and everything is implemented in the best way, especially from the point of view of those who are very fond of classical games, let's go!


Role-playing games have been developing for a long time, but with something they started, so within the framework of a pixel day I offer you an overview of the classic role-playing game in 8-bit format !


Well, here are millions of fans and waited for at least something new from the great studio Rovio, the authors of one of the most popular games in the world of Angry Birds ... oh, for a long time we waited!


In all respects, the classic game for the android, which involves both elements of the bagel and dark dungeons and pixel design and much more interesting and steep!


A new project from the studio Gameloft, which they decided to release in the genre that they can best do on android - a dynamic role-playing game! Let's check how cool this time;)


A new pixel game from the already known studio, which is once again ready to please us with a slightly strange, but definitely fascinating gameplay, this time in the genre MMORPG!


A new role-playing game, which was decided to perform in a cartoon style, will introduce us to new heroes who perfectly master both sword and magic, fighting with various opponents!


An interesting role-playing game on Android, which at the time caused a lot of noise, but somehow it held a party for the many fans of the genre, I suggest it is better late than never look at her!

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