Role-playing games for android


A game that we simply could not miss! Not only does it resemble classic role-playing games of old, so there's a lot of possibilities, see for yourself!


Continuing the theme of turn-based games, we suggest that you look at the new bagel, based on the comic book characters MARVEL, known to the whole world and even more;)


A new role-playing game for android in which we have to survive in a harsh world and try to make it a little better, while here the Roguelike principle is implemented, ready?


I do not know how boring you are with modern role-playing games of mobile format, but I found one that literally glows in attempts to replace many other projects!


A new role-playing game that will tell you a rather sad story about the racism that has arisen in a world where elves, orcs and sorcerers live ... Break the bonds of bondage and declare yourself - that's what will help!


A fresh role-playing game that literally sends you back to the past, where you again go to the dungeon to earn yourself wealth and fame, how do you like this idea?


New role-playing game, straight from Japan, and it's only a few days, so, at the moment no popularity, but at the same time, you can become pioneers!


It sounds strange, but this is the very first game that was released in 2018! It was made in less than a day and can immediately receive prizes in some categories ...


A fresh role-playing game, combining both the elements of strategy and other chips, which are distinguished by modern online games, so, disassemble while the warm;)


A role-playing game in which you will save the kingdom, but at the same time, use cars ... a strange combination, but why not? We have not seen this ...


A great role-playing game for an android, which, to the frustration of many is far from modern, however, the gameplay here is simply magnificent, which overcomes any negative.


Quite an interesting representative of the brutal Roguelike format, which the developers initially do not hide, which is immediately reflected in the title, so, let's check;)

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