Role-playing games for android


If you follow the film industry, then surely stumbled upon the cartoon "Ralph vs. the Internet", on the basis of which this role-playing game for android appeared.


And another role-playing game, which took over the title of MMORPG, but at the same time decided to stay easy to rise, trying to save some important things ...


Role playing is one of the foundations of the whole industry and it is logical and even expected that many new items resemble (try in any case) the best, but here is another example.


The history of this series is longer than you can imagine, which means that the game will be interesting not only for children, but also for everyone who is over 80 years old ... But this is unlikely;)


And again in paradise for admirers of the classics, another replenishment, which you definitely cannot miss at least for several reasons, which we will definitely tell about.


A new role-playing game in which the “three in a row” genre has penetrated, and this is already a rather familiar format that continues to evolve and offers us more and more new adventures.


The name of this game is a legend, moreover, it is familiar to a huge number of players from around the world, and many people play the classic variation and today ... let's see what awaits us.


The zombie strategy may not seem the most original solution, but you know, in this developers have collected so many things that we simply could not get by it!


A novelty for the android, but not a beginner in the gaming industry, because this game is saturated with the spirit of the 90's, pixels and other things that many have already forgotten or even knew about!


Another role-playing game, in roguelike format, but at the same time, having a full-fledged gameplay based on cards, according to the card strategy principle, turned out to be original!


How do you get the idea of ​​building an army of monsters and destroying the whole world? We really liked her, especially in the format of a cool retro game like this;)


Role-playing games continue to gradually expand their arsenal with new chips, but most often developers take a step toward the classics, which will be discussed.

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