Role-playing games for android


A fresh role-playing game that literally sends you back to the past, where you again go to the dungeon to earn yourself wealth and fame, how do you like this idea?


New role-playing game, straight from Japan, and it's only a few days, so, at the moment no popularity, but at the same time, you can become pioneers!


It sounds strange, but this is the very first game that was released in 2018! It was made in less than a day and can immediately receive prizes in some categories ...


A fresh role-playing game, combining both the elements of strategy and other chips, which are distinguished by modern online games, so, disassemble while the warm;)


A role-playing game in which you will save the kingdom, but at the same time, use cars ... a strange combination, but why not? We have not seen this ...


A great role-playing game for an android, which, to the frustration of many is far from modern, however, the gameplay here is simply magnificent, which overcomes any negative.


Quite an interesting representative of the brutal Roguelike format, which the developers initially do not hide, which is immediately reflected in the title, so, let's check;)


A kind of alternative to the well-known format of Diablo-like games, which are not as many on the android as we would like, but they all are and we will get acquainted with one today.


A new role-playing game from the studio, which knows the point ... while playing for us is for the beasts who put on armor and went on a dangerous adventure!


Fresh bagel, which, of course, fresh does not look at all, however, many have not had time to play it yet, so I recommend to familiarize yourself with this novelty all together!


Religious role-playing games are not so many, especially those who hold their title for many years and offer a full-fledged online with the open world and other chips, here we have something similar ...


The game in the genre action / RPG, which will have to perform quests and cut the evil left and right, along the way pumping the main character, is not that what you always dreamed of?

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