platformer for android


Novelty among pixel platformers for android, which is not ready to offer modern graphics, but fans of the genre may be interested in interesting mechanics.


The first part of this franchise is so old that you will not find it on the android, however, there is a past (second) that was able to collect more than 10 million downloads, but what about the new, third part?


Platformers have long settled on the android and when it comes to war shooting, we all know what to think about, but maybe the king of the genre has a competitor?


Monsters, deadly fog and survival - this is how you can characterize the new platformer for your android, which will offer entertaining adventures and positive characters.


Space, the vast expanses of space, your hero is locked on a spaceship that is filled with monsters and other not the most pleasant elements, what happened here? Your hero does not remember anything ...


We do not know about you, but we adore hardcore indie games for android, so we found another one that may not be a hit known to the whole world, but it will even go down as a time killer.


Your adventure runs through the ruins of ancient Greece, where you will, with the help of the gods from Olympus, make your way further and further, trying to achieve your goal at any cost.


Cute at first glance, but insanely dangerous upon closer examination, an adventure for your android, which will show you a dark and cruel world ...


Originality and noir, that's what you should expect from this rather ordinary at first glance platformer, which is actually a kind of masterpiece, which we will tell about.


Winter adventures on android, which are suitable both for children, thanks to cute characters, and adults who love the classic options, as this is a pixel platformer.


A very flat shooter in all respects for your android is exactly what you were looking for? If yes, we recommend reading about this novelty, where your hero will be a banana with a gun ...


If you like hardcore platformers, then this game should please you! In any case, there is a minimum of jewelry and a maximum of complications, what else do you need?

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