platformer for android


A very flat shooter in all respects for your android is exactly what you were looking for? If yes, we recommend reading about this novelty, where your hero will be a banana with a gun ...


If you like hardcore platformers, then this game should please you! In any case, there is a minimum of jewelry and a maximum of complications, what else do you need?


New in the genre of platformers from an independent developer, who nevertheless decided to show the world his brainchild, which is quite different from the typical representatives of the genre.


Which of you have tried very hot peppers or sauce? Most likely everyone, but here we have a cute pig who also ate something so spicy that you can even spit on the fireballs ...


If you are not tired of the ubiquitous "retro" that flooded both the gaming industry and the Internet as a whole, then here is a novelty that will interest you.


It is difficult to come up with a name cooler for the game than the one devised by the developers for this novelty! Anyway, we decided to check whether it is justified ...


Excellent classic platformers will always be in high esteem, they are suitable for both children and adults, so we are always happy to look at the novelty that we will do now!


Very exciting continuation of the popular platformer about the war, shooting and other classic provisions of this genre, which were laid on the first consoles.


A novelty that will definitely appeal to all fans of the classics from the 80s, which has long been firmly settled on mobile platforms and the Internet.


Role-playing platform game based on the dynamic action in the world with shadows and heroes who actively use swords, axes and other powerful weapons to achieve their goal.


The game, the description of which will amaze almost everyone! Here and the future and robots and spaceships and war, but, is this really all about it? We will check, do not worry!


Continuation of the platformer with a logical bias will appeal to all fans of the genre and the last part, let's see what the developers decided to change and how the game became better.

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