platformer for android


A game that only real fans of platformers will like, no one else will definitely appreciate it, but, let's try to find something good in it ...


A new arcade, which at first glance may seem very modest, but is actually ready to occupy you for a very long time, which many will appreciate!


A dynamic platformer for those who like classics, some hardcore raid and is ready to go through the stages again and again, because that's the game that's based on it;)


A classic platformer from which they made an interesting adventure game, inspired by retro style and some of its individual representatives.


An amusing arcade about the famous seafarers - Vikings, who have not been engaged in fishing for a long time, but left a good memory, and here the game appeared ...


A bit of hardcore and blood in the tape will never interfere, the more so this kind of game we have not shown you for a long time, so, sorry, corrected;)


Has anyone ever thought about how the plot of the classic game about the Mario brothers evolved, whether they had a bazooka for example? I think that very few people thought about it ... but here you can play it!


At first glance, casual, but not at all such a game in reality, which is a unique embodiment of the classics, which does not beat for its place in the sun.


Continuation of the platformer about the cat, which once again must carry out a rescue operation, by itself, not without your help, so join!


A new retro style scanner that will offer you first of all an atmospheric and very classy design, and to the heap there are also various difficulties on the way;)


Another retro platformer, which has become a little closer to such a concept as "hardcore", especially if you consider all the nuances that are definitely there ...


A new classic platformer, which was executed from pixels in the style of "retro" and equipped it with a pretty pretty character - a flying kitten! Forward, to adventure!

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