platformer for android


Another paid project, which, despite the apparently small number of downloads is worthy of our attention, at least from the point of view of familiarization, and then who knows;)


A classic platformer about a knight that moves to his dream through a strip of terrible obstacles, and you will help him in this, as usual;)


Another continuation that awaits us today! This time we are offered to see what has turned into one of the most hardcore platformers this time!


A crazy platform shooter that brings us back to the times of pixel games, when they looked a little worse, but offered a similar gameplay, great times were!


Another platformer, within which we will try to roll out a slightly more complex project, in particular, here we have an interesting story and physics and many other things ...


A training game that will gladly introduce you to the basic principles of security on the Internet, which, unfortunately, many people are still being ignored.


Continuing to give the chance to gain popularity to new authors I present you a classic platformer about the knight, the Middle Ages and the castle, which is quite typical ...


A new game, made in the format of a platform shooter and appealing to the origins of the genre, which even the developers do not hide, let's see what else they hid behind the massive description.


A simple and understandable platformer, which was performed according to the most classical scheme and offered to us, and why not? Games need different, so we are just for.


Developers from the famous company called SEGA continue to delight owners of androids with new and new projects that many are already familiar with.


That's what happens, if you make games for children for a long time - you get about such platformers about paratroopers who are actually dogs, but they are fighting ...


An excellent platformer, which we unfortunately missed at the peak of its popularity, if you can say so, because the game is not new, true and not popular ...

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