platformer for android


Role-playing platform game based on the dynamic action in the world with shadows and heroes who actively use swords, axes and other powerful weapons to achieve their goal.


The game, the description of which will amaze almost everyone! Here and the future and robots and spaceships and war, but, is this really all about it? We will check, do not worry!


Continuation of the platformer with a logical bias will appeal to all fans of the genre and the last part, let's see what the developers decided to change and how the game became better.


In the regiment of visually simple, but very difficult in fact, platformers arrived and if you are a fan of hardcore, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with this game, we recommend!


Platformers will always be relevant, fortunately, the genre does not stand still and develops, offering us an interesting plot and a lot of events related to this.


This is probably the coolest retro pixel game today! Classic, familiar to almost everyone and everyone, only with the participation of cats, well, what else is needed for complete happiness?


The platform, in which most of the entire visual is given to shadows and other things that you do not need to work on ... A great option, is not it?


If you are not tired of games that tell you about dreams, otherworldly world and other similar situations, this one will become exactly what you need!


A novelty in the format of "retro", which is sure to please all fans of the good old platform shooters, which started with 8-bit consoles.


Is it possible to call a platformer a race? But anyway, we have a platformer in which your task is to defeat rivals, and the main thing is your weapon - speed!


A new platformer in which you will again have to go to battle with another portion of monsters, which are unpleasant for both developers and your heroes;)


Grim action was always popular and found its audience, for which we just found another representative of this genre, which seemed worthy to us!

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