platformer for android


The continuation of the hardcore platformer prepared by the indie developer is waiting for all fans of the genre, and if you were familiar with the last part, be sure to pay attention to the sequel.


If you saw the old film “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, then this game is an alternative story in which the magic mask did not get to the famous hero, but to the slug ...


The classic platformer will always find a place not only in our hearts, but also on androids, for which he was prepared in this case, and the masters from CAPCOM did this;)


Each format has its own hero, and so, in the world of round-headed characters on the android, there is Johnny Trigger, who is ready to challenge the entire mafia, which will violently resist it!


An action based on a retro platformer that will offer all players to plunge into exciting adventures with monsters, a large selection of weapons and pets, of course, on android - for free!


The future, cyborgs and other technological progress, which is replaced by a decline in morality, so you have to fight enemies on your android for freedom and your interests.


Another zombie-themed shooter, which this time is made in the style of a classic platformer, with nice graphics and a large arsenal of weapons for every taste and monster!


A driving platformer for an android in which a bearded character and a bit of steampunk are replaced, as there are mechanical enemies to fight here, even if they arrived from another planet.


A classic style platformer for your android that will give you a holiday, especially if you like pixel graphics, snowmen and other rather strange nuances that are not so easy to find.


A fresh project for your android, in which you have to fight with mutant cookies, which have flooded the district and now threaten the world that you know and are used to.


The classics lived, live and will live! In any case, within the framework of the gaming industry, it simply acquires new opportunities, just like this epic platformer for android got access to the network!


If one of you missed the good old games of the “Gold Mine” format, which, incidentally, are on the android, then this new product is ready to refresh your nostalgia and offer a lot of interesting things.

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