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As much as a lot of cool, but in the end very popular card strategies with role-playing elements did not appear, the developers will continue to storm, today is another attempt to win your attention.


In recent years, many interesting and unusual genres have come out, some of which have been very successfully integrated into mobile platforms. Today you will find another card strategy.


The next game in the genre of card strategy, part of what is happening in which will definitely remind you of the leaders of the genre, but why not? It turned out very interesting in the end.


Another card game that will try to push Hearthstone off the pedestal? Actually, no, in this case there are cool ideas in the game that are worth a look.


No matter how trite it may sound, today we will again talk about the series “Game of Thrones”, which is very popular and loved in principle among many fans of fantasy and serials.


Another role-playing game, in roguelike format, but at the same time, having a full-fledged gameplay based on cards, according to the card strategy principle, turned out to be original!


Many developers continue to try to release an analogue of the world-famous card game from Blizzard, however, while no one surpassed it. This game is another attempt.


I'm sure that many have already forgotten about the Pokémon, however, they returned to us, albeit in a somewhat strange format, although the fact of the Pokémon itself is quite strange ...


Solitaires is a very popular topic over the past 20 years, of course, are the most popular solitaire games that were available on your PC, here's one of them;)


What is a poker tell anyone not necessary, if you have the passion and intellect, then pass by this game is simply impossible, this application - a great option to play;)


The game that decided to coincide with the release of a new part of the same movie, just for some reason made the game, as the name implies, in the last part, which generally does not matter.


Gameloft developers offer all owners of the android who was or is a fan of the game series Order and Chaos to discover a new adventure and challenge page on the cards!

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