Logic for android


Solve the puzzle “three in a row” format for android, get points and spend them on improving the interior of your apartment (or house), choosing various options for furniture and decoration.


Here is a cute arcade game in which a shaggy big-eyed caddie solves various puzzles to get a sweet reward, will suit the whole family, so, fly!


Originality and noir, that's what you should expect from this rather ordinary at first glance platformer, which is actually a kind of masterpiece, which we will tell about.


While the world only managed to enjoy the trilogy about dragons, which died down on the big screens, we offer you another small piece of this magical world.


If you are a fan of the game "Tetris", then you definitely need to pay attention to this project, which is a whole set of puzzles for android.


Solve the mystery of zombies in order to survive, but this time, your intellect enters the battle, as practice will show that it is much more dangerous than any other weapon in difficult times.


Draw a beautiful line around the cubes, the task sounds easy, right? But in fact, this is a real puzzle for android that will help train your brain.


Collect the largest number of tower blocks in this cute and very positive puzzle for your android, which you can get for free!


Building with a balance of height and balance, it sounds crazy ... especially when you consider that you have to take care of the environment, residents, disasters, elections for mayor and other everyday situations.


Puzzle Stack: Fruit Tower Blocks Game - a bright puzzle with fruit shades and unstable blocks, from which you need to build a tower before raising the water.


Before you is a fearsome dungeon puzzle, exploring tombs, echoing tombs and ghosts, treasures and monsters.


Deliver all the boxes to the portal! That is the motto you can call this game for android in which you really have to roll the boxes, on the style, of course!

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