space for android


A new simulator, which, of course, is quite far from worldly, at least, because the actions will unfold on the moon ... Maybe it's time to prepare for such tasks?


A new attempt to make the owners of androids a little closer to the cosmos, showing them beautiful planets and modern graphics, well, why not? The game is really beautiful!


What will happen if you mix TD, the film "Star Troopers" and Dota? It will be something like this game, which surprisingly turned out to be interesting and definitely worthy of attention!


Many now have time to get into a new fashion with spinners? This game is certainly not about the spinners, but about the spacecraft, but the trend is still traced;)


Someone will say that this is another role-playing game and will be right, but in fact everything is a little different, because this is an online space role-playing game, which means that there are no competitors here ...


It's not the first time that we have a game in which we control cosmic bodies that are subject to very real laws of gravity, this game from that series;)


The long-known studio HeroCraft Ltd has launched a new project, which is dedicated to the cosmos and the creation of its own flotilla, so that fans of this kind read further;)


Excellent arcade game in which you will run into space balls and manage, trying to avoid collisions with various obstacles, which will be in abundance.


Subject gravity games repeatedly raised, particularly in the Arcade, so if you are interested in it - I recommend to pay attention to a new project in this subject!


The game is about how to collect your rover (or rover) we already had, but the project has been shown to the best of its kind! So, I recommend to read;)


Have you ever been to planetraii? If yes - remember how fun it circled the planet, in this game you'll be able to rotate them, a fascinating spectacle!


Role-playing game about space from our favorite designers from HeroCraft Ltd! If the romance of space battles this is exactly what you are missing - read on!

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