tactics for android


Simple hexagonal graphics will never interfere with the excellent gameplay, especially if we are talking about the strategy for android, which this game is, and we recommend you to read it!


And so that was not boring and if you are tired of tanks and other military equipment on your android, then here is a strategy for space, the universe and intergalactic battles for resources, pull?


A bright, colorful and very addictive strategy for your android, which will help you to relax and plunge into the military battles of the First World War.


Strategies are different and some of them are far from real war and similar situations, so if you want to escape, here are some fruit adventures for your android!


Strategies for this particular Android format have long won their niche and army of fans, because here we will again discuss the microworld, where you will manage the cells in the body.


A new strategy in which the developers decided to raise the important issue of increasing the level of water in the ocean, while, according to the classics of the genre, they implemented everything as a military strategy ... check it out!


Card strategies continue to conquer the market and this time you will be offered a format of war, with tanks, infantry and other modern weapons that we have not met in this format!


Novelty in the strategy genre, made with Japanese motives, in which you need to fight for one of the clans and fight for the prestigious status of a shogun. Ready to dive into exotic battles?


Command the defense of the castle is difficult, especially when attacking various monsters. A competent strategy will allow you to defend and build a kingdom that does not know the defeats and what you will do in this novelty.


One name of this game should already hint at what is happening here, and if you climb a little deeper, then there will be dragons and a desire to conquer the whole world with such powerful creatures ...


If you combine the classic strategy and the format of 2048, then you get exactly the kind of game that you see in front of you, so we recommend that you read it if you are interested.


We have been mentioning this game for quite a long time, because it is from it that the new trend began in the gaming industry, which once again “sprang” from a more popular format, let's figure out what's what!

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