tactics for android


Not yet a very popular, but still a card game, which was mixed with role-playing battles and a little shaken, and this is not the format that everyone is already used to ...


An excellent tactical platformer in the familiar format of mobile battles in which you once again get a set of heroes who can and should be pumped while fighting opponents!


This time the card collection strategy was mixed with the more familiar representatives of this genre on the android, as a result, it turned out very entertaining for fans of tactics!


An interesting strategy for the androd, which involves primarily the restoration of his kingdom and the battle with monsters, but in reality it is also a project in the "retro" style;)


While the genre is in demand, it will be replenished with more and more new games, and this is a strategy for the android, so that is not surprising, but we will see what we have prepared for this time.


Another representative of mobile strategies for your android, in which a parallel is drawn from one of the wars and UFOs experienced, which, however, did not add much originality to it.


The world of steampunk peculiarly presented in the new strategy for android can become a home for fans of modern strategies of the mobile format, moreover, for free!


Strategies of the classic format are not a private guest on the android, but sometimes projects nevertheless make their way to the light, here is one of those dedicated to medieval battles, we highly recommend it!


A typical modern mobile strategy for android, which this time has been decomposed into only two changes, so, before you are a kind of military platformer, you need to check!


Microsoft's first strategy for android ... sounds at least impressive! However, we have a number of comments that may seem interesting to many, yes and how - read on.


Most often, Tower Defense games involve guns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and even lasers, but in this variation of this strategy for android you will gain access to magical powers and spells!


A fresh strategy for the android, the action of which takes place in the near future, after the next apocalypse, the second wave of which you have to prevent. Let's get started!

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