Strategy for android


Before us is another hit that cannot be missed and which precisely cannot be ignored by many competitors, because this is a new round of mobile strategies.


A continuation of a rather disastrous project that appeared at the beginning of this year ... But we decided to give it a chance, in any case, the developers assure that they tried!


Designing your own ship and going into battle with other players is what this game offers you, but she reminded us of something, let's talk about it.


The fresh strategy, which can be timed to the end of this year, but in spite of this, it will remind you of many projects that you have faced before, is it good or bad?


Football manager has long been not a novelty and in general a very popular trend in games, given the ease of use on mobile platforms and the popularity of football.


A novelty in the genre of space strategies, which received at its disposal the cult universe Star Trek, which definitely will cause a lot of interest among its many fans.


The new strategy, which is characterized by high dynamics and fierce confrontation, nevertheless, it feels great on the mobile platform!


A fresh project that decided to hit the popular trend today and invite you to fight with other players in the card strategy, we'll check how cool it is!


Another card strategy, which decided to go its own way and it seems to us, it was the right decision, in any case, do not have to compare, you know with whom;)


And we have again for you zombies! This time the game received a rather modern design and many actual principles, which will have to be considered competitors.


Strategies - the oldest genre that experienced both ups and downs, but always remained at the peak of popularity, before the advent of mobile platforms ...


A relatively fresh strategy, the actions of which will unfold in space, so if the earthly problems do not interest you, pay attention to this project.

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